Disgusting Video Shows Apparent Checkers Worker Rubbing Burger Bun on the Floor

A rather disturbing video of a fast food worker wiping a burger bun on the ground was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday. In the video, the Checkers restaurant employee drops a burger on the ground, rubs it into the floor, picks it up, and continues to construct the sandwich. Throughout the video, bystanders can be heard laughing.

The incident happened at a Checkers restaurant near Baltimore. The video has amassed over 200,000 views on YouTube and nearly 4 million views on Facebook.

Checkers issued a video statement on Wednesday. “I, like you, am appalled and disappointed by what I saw in that video,” said Lori Malcolm, Sr. VP of Human Resources for Checkers.

According to the company, the incident happened several weeks ago but was only recently shared on social media.

“We spoke to the employee in the video and her mother — and the employee is very sorry and embarrassed about what happened,” Malcom said. “The product was never served to a guest,” she said, adding that the incident is still under a full investigation.

The employees involved in creating the video are no longer employed at the restaurant. Checkers/Rallys is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

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