18-year-old, High School Student Sworn In As Mayor of North Texas town

Kelvin Green, a North Texas high school student is getting ready to take on a huge responsibility: He is going to be Mayor of Archer City. Kelvin Green is only 18 years old. No one else filled to run as mayor of Archer City, so he won by default. Since it’s founding in 1888, the small north Texas town has never had a mayor this young. Green has a lot of work to do. Right now the city is in stage four drought. Kelvin will be sworn in at 9 a.m. Friday.

In addition to being a Mayor, Green also plays shortstop for the Archer City High School Wildcats baseball team and will be helping the team make a run at the state baseball title in the coming weeks.

“It’s a good feeling too, it gives you something good to wake up about in the morning,” Green said.


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