#2030NOW: 2016 Social Good Summit In Beijing

BEIJING – A year after commissioning historic march of Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), a dynamic community gathered at Peking University to discuss solutions to the great challenges of our time at the Summit 2016 China Social Good , organized by Peking University and jointly supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The theme of this year – # 2030NOW: Connection Today, Creating Tomorrow – speakers, participants challenged and a growing community around the world to explore how technology, digital media and collaboration across borders can be leveraged to address the most important and long-standing issues in the world, for the benefit of people everywhere and help build a better future for all.

“It’s been a year since the spectacular launch of the Sustainable Development Goals and since then we have taken an important first step on the road to 2030. Now we have to translate the goals into action. We have 14 years to turn these promises into reality and each year account. Together they have to convince state leaders, businesses, media and citizens to make every effort to achieve these goals, “said Agi Veres, UNDP Country Director in china.

This lively and exciting summit brought together UN officials, government representatives, businessmen, celebrities, artists, NGO leaders, academics and development practitioners to share their visions of the future, exploring issues such as innovation, climate change, inequality and sustainable human development. Among the speakers were unique blend of Shen Boyang, President of LinkedIn China; Li Junfeng, Director General of the National Centre for climate strategy; Lu Chuan, film director; Lao Lang, singer; Yuan Shanshan, actress, and many more.

“As one of the initiators of this year China good Social Summit, so we have been encouraged by the increased participation in philanthropic causes in China. Based on this momentum, we hope that more people can embrace the spirit of impatient optimism and work together to everyone can live a healthy and productive life, and play a role in achieving the ODS, “said Yinuo Li, Chinese director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

During the event, UNDP proudly announced the names of its first global ambassadors of animals for Sustainable Development Goals, Qi Qi and Dian Dian. Qi means inspiration and Dian means enlightenment. Together, “Qidian” means the starting point of a new future: Agenda 2030 and sustainable development objectives. Ambassadors furry panda twins UNDP eventually were named in his 1st birthday after a worldwide campaign naming one year. More than 5,000 submissions came from 116 countries around the world to helpe name panda cubs, and help raise awareness of the objectives.

Social Good Summit is a global event organized in more than 100 countries, and examines the impact of technology and new media in good social initiatives worldwide. Worldwide Summit joins a dynamic community of world leaders and grassroots activists to discuss solutions to the great challenges of our time. This is the sixth Social Good Summit to be held in China.

19 Chinese celebrities have helped celebrate the ODS a year with a video: https://v.qq.com/x/page/d0329o2okin.html?ptag=4_5

For more information about the Social Good Summit, please visit our website:

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