24/7 Premium WordPress Support for Small Business and Professional Bloggers by DotLayer

When it comes to the web, WordPress has been a true life saver, It currently powers 27% of the entire internet, it’s written in one of the most popular programming languages, PHP and it’s open source.

WordPress makes it possible for anyone at any skill, financial level and any geographical to put together a really nice blog or website in a few hours.

The only thing about it is that if you don’t use the WordPress.org site it takes a lot of time to do the daily and weekly maintenance you need to keep your blog running smoothly and safely.

A group of avid WordPress developers have come up with a service called DotLayer, whilst the name of the company might sound comical initially, it is actually a very useful service.

DotLayer is essentially a service that takes care of all your daily maintenance and offers support, advice and recommendations on all levels for your WordPress website for a small monthly fee.

DotLayer will pretty much take care of any issue you have with your blog, from security scans to back up your blog on a regular basis automatically, to keeping all your plugins safe and upgraded and much more.

It’s like having a whole in-house technology team to support your website. In general, I have personally started to really enjoy working with smaller companies, 1–10 person team.

I find I get better support when I need it. DotLayer is a small team run by Todd and Brandon.

So far DotLayer has been very small, taking on projects per user recommendations but are growing rapidly.

The way the service works is that, when you call them, you speak an in-house team member, NOT a call tech in like the Philippines or India who might not speak English clearly.

I like that now when I build a website for a client I don’t have to offer support since for me, the time to revenue ratio isn’t really worth it. Now I can build the site for them, make sure they are fully happy, then hand them off to DotLayer and they will handle all the upkeep for my client.

One of the key benefits that they offer that totally blows my mind is that they run automatically scans and plugin tests to make sure your site is running as fast as it can and that all your plugins are safe and working correctly.

Another killer feature that they have is the Dedicated Account Managers, I really like this, you will have one person that manages your account.

It’s like having your own person experienced WordPress engineer who is at your beck and call.

Whenever you call in with a question or issue, you will be talking to the same person you have always talked to, making it much easier to get the help you need since that manager knows your site and has worked on your site before.

Below are the few more things I’ve enjoyed using the service for my Web site:

  • Unlimited Site Jobs: Request unlimited WordPress jobs each month. From adding content to installing plugins, to changing CSS & HTML. Anytime you need changes made to your site, we’ll do them for you.
  • Unlimited Email Support: Our WordPress experts are waiting to answer your questions. We can help you find the right plugin, learn how to use WordPress, and more.
  • WordPress Core & Plugin Updates: No more site crashes because of a WordPress core or plugin update. We do all your updates for you and make sure your site continues working after.
  • Secure Cloud Backups: Just in case anything should ever go wrong, we make daily backups of your site to a secure server.
  • Whilst people get charged a premium for this, you get 24/7 Active Security Monitoring all included in the monthly charge: 24/7 Active Security Monitoring help you prevent hackers and malware from gaining access, we protect and monitor your website around the clock.
  • Proactive Uptime Monitoring: No more guessing if your site is online. If your site should go down, we’ll know about it right away and work to bring it back online.
  • Phone Support: Any time you have questions or need work done on your site, you can call us and speak with a live WordPress expert.

To conclude, DotLayer offers up 3 plans to choose from that will fit any blogger or business no matter what level they are at, prices from $50 to $500 for monthly maintenance and support.

If you have had a WordPress blog long enough you know how much “upkeep” it takes to keep your blog updated and running correctly.

Having a service that will then do all that for you will free you up to spend more time growing your or blog and business.

Knowing that, you will start to see the value in the service DotLayer is offering.

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