3 Amazing Options to Edit Your PDF Document

When it comes to the editing of a PDF document, there are many options that one can use to do this effectively and efficiently. The online and offline options, such as how to edit pdf on Chromebook, etc., of editing a PDF offer more than just adding a signature or simple text editing.

Here are some of the options that that might will help you if you are looking for a secure and quick way of editing your PDF document.

Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Acrobat Pro is used in editing documents in a lot of different ways. This essentially includes resizing of the whole document, highlight, and format the text in any way you like. Other than this, you can also edit the PDF document by creating bullet list, number list, by changing line and paragraph spacing, horizontal scaling, character spacing, etc.

Al this can be simply done by downloading Adobe Acrobat Pro into your system. Then open the ‘File’ option to change the size of the file and use ‘Tools’ option to do other editing activities. No all the section of your PDF will be editable with this tool, but definitely, it helps a lot in making many small editing or changes in your document.

Microsoft Word (2013 or 2016)
Microsoft Word (2013 or 2016) is another tool for editing your document that is in PDF format. Just install it into your system, and them go to the menu bar where you will select the ‘open’ option. In this option, you will select the option ‘File you want to convert to Word.’

Now as you open the PDF in Word document form, many changes happen to it during conversion, and it looks very different from the original one. First, adjust those changes and then start your editing process. You must be aware of the editing options that Word 2013 and 2016 offer to the user. So, you can do it very easily, quickly and as per your requirement.

Preview Application
Preview app is another very feasible option for the PDF document editing. You just have to install it into your system. After that click right on the preview application icon and double-click it to open. As it opens up, for to the ‘File’ option where you will do to the ‘Open’ option in the drop down. Here you will select the PDF file that you want to edit.

S the PDF document opens in the Previews application, go to the ‘Tools’ option. Here select the ‘Annotate’ option. Click on the ‘Text’ option and a text box will appear in the middle of the document. Using this box, you can add text to the document, and if you want to sign it, you can add a signature in it also and drag to the right position. You can also use the option of ‘Drawing and Shape Tools’ option to sketch or shape your document.
These are some of the most popular and easy options that professionals use to edit their PDF documents. It was an impossible thing in the past, but now, it is a very simple due to the advancements in information technology.

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