4 Ways to Hack Phone Calls Easily

How to hack Phone calls

Supposedly your child has been talking to someone frequently, and you find it to be a bit strange. However, when you confront them they hesitate to tell you what’s going on. In such cases is hacking their phone calls a good option? Is it even possible to do that?

Well, it is possible but it depends on how you want to do it. You can manually hack a device, or you can use a hacking/spy app. The use of these advanced hacking apps will assist you in keeping a tab on your child without them finding out.

So, let’s see the different ways by which you can hack a phone call.

  1. Using Cocospy to hack a phone call

    Cocospy is a reputed and flawless monitoring/spy app. It has millions of users from all over the world. Its praises and benefits have been mentioned by TechRadar, Toms Guide, and even the New York Times.


Cocospy is an untraceable, 2MB size app which takes about 5 minutes to download. It is a negligible battery consumption ability. The best part of Cocospy is that it doesn’t require you to root the target phone, even if you want to view social apps like FB, Twitter, etc.

Using Cocospy will give you the ability to go through the target phone’s call logs, contacts, and messages. You can even locate where they have been, it comes with a date and time stamp.


Cocospy gives its competitors a hard time due to its use of cutting edge technology. And your child won’t even find out, as the app disguises itself and deletes the app icon automatically.

Let’s see how hacking into a phone by Cocospy is possible.

For Android phones, you do not require to root the phone. All you have to do is manually gain access to the target phone and download the app. After which you wait for the data to sync, and then monitor it by using the control panel available at on Cocospy.

In the case of an iOS phone, you don’t even have to physically download the app. All you have to do is enter the targets iCloud credentials. After which you can go back to the control panel and monitor the whole phone.

  1. Using Spyic to hack a phone call

Spyic is another renowned and reputed monitoring app. The app is similar to Cocospy in terms of the download and installation procedure. Spyic is 2MB in size and can be downloaded within a few minutes.

Spyic is an undetectable app, its icon gets deleted automatically after being downloaded. No need to worry on how to access it, as all the monitoring can be done online. Once installed you can check the call logs, contacts, browser history, location and much more of the target.

Spyic app does not require the rooting of the target phone in order to access their social media apps. This is made possible by Spyic’s cutting edge technologies. The app can be remotely uninstalled by one click on the control panel. It hardly consumes any batter while working.


Spyic has been praised by Tech Advisor, Life Wire, and Tech Radar. So, let’s see how you can use Spyic to hack a phone call.

In the case of an iOS phone, no jailbreak or physical download of the app is required. Due to its cutting edge technology, Spyic will work just by inputting the target’s iCloud credentials. You can remotely monitor the data of the target phone from any browser on any device.

For Android phones, there is no need to root the target phone. You will just have to physically download the app on the target device. Go to your Spyic control panel and access any feature you want, including call records and even messages sent over social media apps.

  1. Using BeenVerified to hack a phone call

It is one of the best online mobile trackers. It can be used to track any mobile number without having physically touched it. You can use this to find out who your child has been talking to, and isn’t telling you about.

BeenVerified lets you track the caller, find out the name, age and other personal details. You can get the caller’s email address and check their other social media profiles. But, you will only obtain the caller’s registered address and not their home address.

If interested just visit their website and register now.

  1. Using Spokeo to hack a phone call

Spokeo is similar to BeenVerified in terms of the information it provides. It helps you find out the first and last name of the caller while gathering any other personal information. Spokeo checks out the caller’s email address, associated phone numbers, and locations.

Spokeo even checks online to see if any complaint has been filed against the caller or not. If you’re interested just visit their website. Enter the 10-digit phone number and wait for the report.


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