Attention Young Professionals! Use These Tactics To Advance In Your Career Quickly

Start Creating Content On Social Media

Advancing in your career early on in your professional life can do a few things. This obviously offers financial gain but it can set you up for success for decades to come. A promotion or two that you otherwise would not have received if you didn’t put everything into your job can do something as massive as allow you to retire years early. Taking a proactive approach to getting that next promotion has to be done as the business world is extremely competitive when it comes to valued positions. The most important thing to remember is not to stab people in the back to advance as colleagues can be a great resource in the future. Below will delve into tactics that will help you receive promotion after promotion.

Start Creating Content On Social Media

Staying engaged on social media with others in the industry not only builds your personal brand but can lead to a job opportunity. Social media is not the place to share inappropriate things especially if many of your connections are of a professional capacity. Avoid stating anything political on these accounts as well as you do not want to miss out on a job due to who you voted for. In today’s landscape of identity politics people no longer respect that people have a different opinion than them. Share industry articles with a commentary and respond to those in the niche that could really help you career-wise. LinkedIn articles can help you show others in your network what you know and your outlooks in industry topics.


Start A Blog

Starting a blog can be the perfect place to build a personal brand and potentially be labeled as a thought leader on specific topics. The quality of content has to be high especially when discussing topics related to your job. The fact that you can earn income while building your brand makes this an essential part of trying to take your career to new heights. For a writer this could be a place with links to your published works or a web designer to show off their design portfolio. Expert bloggers publish best practice articles for starting a blog nearly daily as these types of articles generate large amounts of traffic.

Work At A Startup

Startups can offer more upward mobility in terms of job titles due to startups usually having a small staff.The ability to do this can cut years off of getting to a certain title when compared to working at an established company. Most of the time you will not have to deal with another employee up for a promotion not due to good work but rather average work over the course of a long time. The risk here becomes whether the startup makes it or not as the startup going out of business in a public manner could lead to that time employed being a black mark on Make your resume. Getting in on the ground level of a successful startup can set your entire career up for success.

Continually Educate And Make Yourself More Valuable

Learning new skills or getting certifications/degrees makes you more valuable as an employee to a company. This can lead to increased job security as an employee that can be moved or adapts to new roles is invaluable. Take the time to evaluate which skills or things that can be learned that will impact your job in the most positive way. Companies that believe in their employees often times offer options to help them pay for furthering their education. Investing in employees is the type of place that will allow you to flourish in your professional life.

Look For New Opportunities Even When You Have A Great Job

The one misconception is that you should stop looking for a job when you already have a job you love. That dream job is never going to wait until you are unemployed to become available. Set alerts on job application websites for specific keywords and positions. Being able to see what is out there is important as you might be sitting at a company that doesn’t challenge or compensate you at the appropriate levels. LinkedIn can also be a perfect platform to look for jobs as you will see who in your network recently went on to a new company. Getting a recommendation can lead to you receiving a job offer before it is even opened up to the public.

Take charge of your career and continually outperform your peers to watch your career advance. Do not think it has to take decades to get a promotion as you can advance passed employees that are a decade or two your senior.


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