Debunking X Myths About Colocation Data Center Services

Data Centres: The Heart of Modern Business

Data Centres: The Heart of Modern Business

In recent years, digital business solutions have risen to the forefront, driving dramatic changes in enterprises’ business ecosystems. These technology-driven modern business models leverage intuitive digital solutions to drive dramatic changes in enterprises’ business ecosystems.

Furthermore, digital business solutions are helping modern enterprises evolve into well-connected business models, tying together functionalities such as IoT-implementation, AI and machine language-driven analytics, immersive experiences and scalable infrastructure.

Overall, businesses need to modernise as their end-users grow in sophistication and embrace more and more digital technologies. On the other side, developing these new innovative capabilities also mean that businesses will face far greater workloads and get more data-intensive.

For businesses seeking to handle these exponentially increasing workloads, the journey begins with the data centre. Hence, these new-age evolving colocation data centres have a crucial role to play in any enterprise that has a robust digital transformation strategy in place, for the following reasons:

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Cost Reduction by Getting Rid of Inefficiencies

As organisations transition to the increasingly software-defined, modern data centres, they are gaining from the benefits of simplified management and virtualised workloads.

Thus, having eliminated any need for manual inputs, data centres can place businesses in a much better position where they can allocate resources efficiently. Moreover, managing assets and facilities becomes less complicated, while enterprises can shift workloads anywhere, allowing their staff to create and innovate, instead of taking care of day-to-day systems maintenance.

Technologies such as software-defined storage thrive in ecosystems with improved flexibility, hence, allowing businesses to customise their software configurations at will. Not only this, but enterprises can also make infrastructure changes at the software level, rather than doing the same to the physical storage or the actual server. Thus, businesses can maximise their resource utilisation while reducing time to market.

Data Center Services PUNE

Enable a Scalable, Adaptable Business Architecture

Workloads continue to evolve and diversify for businesses across the globe. Hence, enterprises need modern, software-defined infrastructures comprising easier-to-manage, scale-out solutions and virtualised workloads. Thanks to the new-age colocation data centres, businesses can now design infrastructure that can be configured in different ways to handle an array or workloads.

For example, in case of in-memory computing, Non-Volatile Memory Express (also known as NVMe) low-latency storage leverages intelligent software to consolidate workloads. This, in turn, allows businesses to reap more significant gains in terms of operational efficiencies and cost savings, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Develop Insights to Make Informed Business Decisions

Nowadays, with IoT taking root and stakeholders connecting personal devices to corporate networks, enterprises have to handle large amounts of exponentially increasing data. While adding more server racks may have worked before, the sheer quantity and complexity of data now require businesses to look for new data management methods at the data centre level.

With the advent of Big Data technologies, businesses can now process data and prepare it for analysis using intelligent software. The software, in turn, applies machine learning to self-optimise storage and achieve the desired functionality.

Thanks to digital transformation, businesses can now take advantage of the opportunities to use data in new ways: undertake more tasks or reach out to new customer segments and markets. At the core of its operations, lies a data centre that handles more data in real-time for analytics and yields richer insights in less time, catering to the increasing customer demand. machine learning

If An Enterprise is a Body, Data Centre is Its Heart!

Nowadays, businesses are becoming increasingly data oriented with the advent of digitised world. In today’s dynamic and volatile business world data and ability to derive insights from the data has become a valuable resource for businesses. Needless to say, data centres play (and will continue playing) an inseparable role in the new and upcoming ecosystem.

These colocation data centre facilities offer improved capabilities of data storage, handling and exchange. Also, the data centres also provide robust security measures to mitigate any intrusions and security breaches.

In past five years India has seen a shift of global data centre players to Indian soil. Global colocation service provider like STT GDC India has set up data centres in Pune and seven other prominent cities across the country. These modern data centre colocation facilities help businesses to increase data availability through interconnected centralised data centre systems and are essential tool for the step into the future for Indian businesses.

Whether it is about providing managed services, private server spaces or increased security of business assets, modern businesses need future-ready data centres.

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