What Is Heartbleed, The Huge Security Vulnerability That Everybody Is Taking About – Watch This Explanatory To Find Out

If you have not heard of Heartbleed or you know know what it is, you should most definitely watch this video. Heartbleed is the SSL vulnerability that has taken over the internet this past couple of days. It undermines the security of every “secure” website on the planet.

Want more details? This Khan Academy-style* video tries to break it all down.

Made by Zulfikar Ramzan, MIT Ph.D. and CTO of cloud security firm Elastica, this video does a great job of explaining the bug at a pretty high level. Its still got a whole lot of acronyms and jargon thrown into the mix (so don’t expect an Explain-Like-I’m-Five explanation here), but it does a good job of explaining the bug’s ins and outs in a way that more people should be able to grasp.

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