VoIP & CRM – The Ideal Combination that any Business can have

Best VoIP & CRM for Start up Business

CRM, known as Customer Relationship Management, is hard to achieve, tiresome in nature, and can’t be considered a tedious task in the business landscape at any cost. Recognizing this, calling it a headache won’t be erroneous. This approach is needed to manage the customers, maintain their details, and help you conceive customer-oriented solutions. What if you can do all of this with your office phone system? 

It may sound insane to you at first, but let us tell you that it’s all possible and happening in the bricks and motor world.  All thanks to the technology that bought CRM and virtual telephony over a single platform with CRM telephony. 

What is CRM telephony? 

CRM telephony is a kind of mechanism wherein your phone system comes with CRM integration. It helps you record calls, capture customer data, provide customized solutions, gather customer feedback, and do whatever it takes to attain maximum customer satisfaction. 

By incorporating cutting-edge VoIP technology with CRM, businesses can easily increase overall customer management system capabilities and strongly contribute to make customer-executive interaction data-driven.

The deployment of CRM telephony is considerably helpful to create data-rich customer profile while talking with them. Organizations may later use these profiles for targeted marketing and selling activities. Your CRM integrated virtual phone system leads to an influential and effective sales approach and helps you to pump up your revenue figures. 

Best VoIP & CRM

What advantages do you gain with CRM-telephony? 

With the prevailing need to have powerful CRM and communication system in the business landscape, bringing up these two components over a single place benefits business in every vertical –

Your team is performing par excellently 

Do you know that half of the time your team is busy in administrative work? 

They are busy in sorting the customer data, keeping the notes, segregating them rather than focusing on sales and marketing through office phone systems. 

In that case, you are just squandering away your workforce and resources. By integrating CRM with your office system, you can automate all these tasks.  All the customers’ details will be auto-recorded, sorted, distributed, and saved, and your team would be all set to focus on what is more important. 

You are reaching to more prospects

 It is too tedious to dial every number while reaching out to the prospects.  If you want your sales team to generate more and more prospects, then you should eliminate this practice. CRM telephony enables you to do this without putting any extra effort.  It comes with the auto-dial facility. That means numbers will be dialed automatically with a single click. 

You can also pre-set your important contacts on speed dial and connect with them in a blink of an eye. This facility helps a business to speed up the outbound and inbound calling and reach out to more and more prospects. 

It saves a fortune for you 

 Buying marketing, CRM, sales, and communication management tools separately put a tremendous financial burden on you. If you are a small business owner or a freelancer, then it may be out-of-consideration for you. 

Bringing up VoIP-CRM integration can be extremely useful in this scenario.  

As VoIP-based local phone number works in cloud-space, all your customer data can be centralized and made available for all the departments.  Your marketing department can collect the data and generate promotional events based on customer behavior while the sales team get the details about which customer has made how many purchases. 

So, there is no need to buy separate resources for separate operations. Not only this, as VoIP uses an internet connection to make calls, you can make inbound, outbound, and international calls  through using international phone number without any qualms. In short, you are going to save big with this combination. 

Best VoIP & CRM

You can manage end-to-end call cycle 

 A call means a revenue-generation opportunity in business language. That is why businesses must do effective end-to-end call management. There should be less call waiting time, voicemail facility in case a call gets missed, call recording for auto note-taking, call logs details, and call analysis with every call. 

Doing this manually seems next-to-impossible. However, VoIP-CRM integration in your local phone number can make it happen by all means.  Also, there is a CRM dashboard as well that displays all the details in an understandable manner. This type of call management system helps a business to make the most of every call and augment your revenue generation process. 

VoIP-CRM integration is a boon for small to large scale businesses. With low-cost investment and high capabilities, it streamlines your communication and CRM from ground level. While you make your decision to bring this combination in your business landscape, make sure that your VoIP service provider offers multiple CRM integrations. Only then you will be able to avail all of these benefits. 


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