Ebook Marketing Best Practices

Best Tips for Ebook Marketing Practices

Writing an ebook is a challenging yet rewarding experience. It requires extensive research, plenty of determination and a keen eye for the content people want to consume. It’s tempting to think after you finish writing and editing your ebook, it will all be downhill from that point—meaning your work will speak for itself and the hardest part is over. But on the contrary, you’re just getting started.

Now you want to derive the satisfaction of knowing people are actually reading your ebook. And, more than likely, you want to monetize it. This means it’s time to start marketing.

” Here are a few ebook marketing best practices to help you along the way “

Ebook Marketing Best Practices tips

Offer Incentives to Join Your Email List

Email marketing is key to building buzz around your book. The more people you can get to sign up before launch day, the more potential readers you’ll have upon its release. Incentivize visitors to your website to join your mailing list for updates, sneak peeks and first access to your ebook.

One of the reasons email marketing is generally considered a foundational element of any good strategy is its ability to yield a high return on investment. As one CEO and Inc. contributor notes, this is due in part to the “low cost of creating a list and sending out emails; it won’t cost you much in the way of time or money.”

However, you do want to put significant thought into these emails—as well as test subject lines and personalization tactics. Online users tend to respond better to messages they feel were made just for them. Play around with a few options to see what earns the best open and click-through rates.

While you’re at it, create a designated landing page on your ecommerce website devoted to your ebook. Links from your emails should take curious visitors there so they can get the scoop quickly. Email marketing is a great strategy for driving traffic, but the next step regarding how to sell an ebook online is leading people to your online store—often powered by Shopify or another ecommerce platform.

Best Ebook Marketing Best Practices tips

Create Content to Market Your Ebook

Putting useful, free content out into the world can serve as a great motivator for getting people to pay for the content within your ebook. Here are three examples of content marketing strategies ebook authors can try, according to Content Marketing Institute:

  • Turn every chapter into a blog post.

  • Create an infographic summing up some of your ebook’s important information.

  • Write guest posts for other websites on your ebook’s topic.

The key to making the most of content marketing is conducting keyword research to know which search terms potentially interested online users are querying. You want to capture the attention of people who didn’t previously know your ebook existed but are interested in the topic. Creating content is also a great way to perpetuate your branding—it gives you a chance to build trust and convey your authority to potential readers. 

Work with Industry Influencers

Whether you’re publishing an ebook about baking or business; true crime or traveling, there are influencers within your niche who can get the word out about your ebook to an audience


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