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Respect and Remuneration

Medicine is probably the only profession in the world that has gotten the best amount of remuneration and respect in society becoming a medical professional is a Point of Honor for any graduate of MBBS. Medicine in itself is considered as an industry by many of the experts for those who are in the finance sector the best. Sector for investment and opportunity today and forever will be the medicine industry. The magazine industry has a huge number of Dimensions that are associated with it. The first Dimensions is that the customer demand for the industry will always remain high. This is because naturally humans will not stop getting ill and if they will get ill.

Medical Industry


They will require medical attention for which day will turn to the doctors. The second dimension to the medicine industry, is that of pharmaceuticals drugs and medicines work very closely with the treatment of treatment regimens. Therefore the money that is made out of selling drugs and medicine and prescribing them is also image. The third dimension to the field of medicine, is that of medical tourism? It is a rather New Concept in the world, but it is fast picking up. People from other countries where the medical facilities are not as advanced as in some other country migrated to it in search of these better opportunities. It is rather a compulsion than a choice for these patients to migrate to these countries because if they do not get treated they will suffer for throughout their lives and it may even prove to be fatal. Many governments like in some countries of Asia also provide assistance financially and socially to these patients so that they are capable enough to migrate to another country for a short while to get their treatment completed.

The third dimension to the medical industry is that of teaching. Becoming a doctor is as important as teaching others and catering to the Future. Medical schools are an important part of the society because they are curating the next big minds in the field of medicine there for the money and the scope in the teaching of medicine subjects is also great. Therefore it can be seen from the above examples that medicine in itself is an industry and probably is one of those Industries which will never lack its lustre in the upcoming years.

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Medical Industry

The Care Giving

The medical industry has three points of care for patients. The first intervention that starts is in the phase where medical practitioners offer prevention therapies to the patients. This is our other minuscule involvement of the medical practices, but it is important to say the least. This is because we know Medical Practice, not each is the patients and their family members the art of prevention of diseases. Then it is a service that is rendered to them which is of very high importance. The second phase is the actual phase of treatment where procedures are conducted by the medical practitioner to diagnose and treat disease in the patient. The third phase is the post-treatment phase. It so happens that once or treatment has been demon then follow-up and rehabilitation is required for the patient. This is done by the paramedical staff and is also a very important task to be upheld.

Paramedical fields are the fields of prime importance in the medical industry these fields as the name suggests are those which are required for the assistance of Mainstay treatment protocols. The paramedical staff helps in the conduction of treatment methodologies and are also involved in Rehabilitation of the patients. Prominent paramedical staff members in any hospital setting or the technicians the Therapists and other staff members As stated in the earlier part of this article. The education in the field of medicine is also an important part of this industry recently the biomedical industry as a teaching resource has been picking up as more and more students are willing to enter this field and are thus seeking education from higher education institutions.


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