What qualifies as a disability? A Complete Guide

Know more! What qualifies as a disability

15% of people in the world suffer from a debilitating condition.

If you suffer from a severe disability, you may struggle to get out the door. Nevermind all the tasks you have to complete in the workplace.

People who lose their jobs or can’t maintain a job because of a severe impairment may qualify for disability benefits.

Do you want to know what qualifies as a disability? Here’s a guide to who qualifies, what qualifies, and what do if you think you qualify.

Who Qualifies for a Disability?

Having an impairment is tough enough so you may not feel able to do all the work that goes into applying and qualifying for disability benefits. A disability lawyer like DarrasLaw can help you out.

Before you head in for help, read this guide to find out what qualifies as a disability and who qualifies for disability benefits.

Your Income

If you earn less than $1,220 per month, you may qualify for disability.

The Severity of Impairment

The SSA requires that your disability interferes with your ability to perform basic work activities.

In addition to income and severity of impairment requirements, you must have a qualifying disability. Wondering what qualifies? Keep reading and find out.

What Qualifies as a Disability?

To qualify for a disability, you must meet the above requirements in addition to having medical proof of a disability. You can find in-depth information about which disorders and injuries qualify as disabilities through the Social Security Association (SSA).

Here are the 14 categories of SSA-approved impairments:

  1. Musculoskeletal systems
  2. Sensory and speech
  3. Respiratory disorders
  4. Cardiovascular system
  5. Digestive system
  6. Genitourinary (genital or urinary organ) disorders
  7. Hematological disorders
  8. Skin disorders
  9. Endocrine disorders
  10. Congenital disorders affecting multiple systems
  11. Neurological disorders
  12. Mental disorders
  13. Cancer
  14. Immune system disorders

In some cases, you can qualify for disability benefits even if your impairment doesn’t fall within one of these categories. Ask yourself these two questions to determine whether your disability qualifies under SSA guidelines.

Has Your Work Performance Dropped?

Your disability feels impossible and causes you extreme distress. But if your work performance hasn’t dropped because of it, the SSA won’t consider it severe enough to qualify for disability benefits.

Can You do Other Work?

If you can make changes to the way you work and improve performance, the SSA probably won’t approve you for disability. However, the SSA will take a few qualities into consideration in this area before making their final decision.

This includes your age, condition, education level, past work experience, and any skills you might be able to use at another job.

How to Get Disability Benefits

So you know what qualifies as a disability and you think you fit the bill. Now what? To start the process of getting disability benefits, get in touch with a disability lawyer or apply today if you know you qualify.

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