The Team At PSI Pay Were The Recent Recipients Of A Prestigious Award

PSI Pay:Received a Sussex Super Growth Awards 2019

PSI Pay is a company that has built up a reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of services in the realm of alternative banking options. The firm is currently serving the residents of 173 of the world’s countries at the moment. Within this work, PSI Pay is currently working with 44 currencies worldwide. The company was founded during the 2007 calendar year. PSI Pay’s company commitment to providing efficient, transparent service has been a driving force behind the success that has led to significant expansion on a global level over recent years. The team at PSI Pay are renowned experts within their field and have extensive experience in dealing with global payment markets.

2014 was a massive year in the history of PSI Pay as the company came under the leadership of a team of management professionals that have helped to guide it on a path that has seen massive increases in customer base as well as huge gains in turnover as well as in profit. The team at PSI Pay fully expects these growth trends to continue well into the future as there are plans to continue to introduce many new and innovative options in the realm of services and products.


PSI Pay is a company that strives to provide solutions to its partners that give them a better ability to do what it is that they do in their businesses. Specializations at PSI Pay include working in the area of card schemes. In regard to this area of work, PSI Pay deals with subjects such as approvals and settlements as well as reporting. PSI Pay also manages activities in the area of reporting and compliance that is required under the authority of the FCA.

During the 2009 calendar year, PSI Pay attained the status of Principal Issuing Member with the Mastercard International company. PSI Pay achieved the same status with the Visa company in 2017 which gave the firm the ability to provide support to programs such as prepaid services, contactless payments and cards of a virtual nature.

The team at PSI Pay recently garnered significant recognition at the recent Sussex Super Growth Awards for the 2019 calendar year. The company brought home the top honors at the awards ceremony with its impressive growth that reached nearly 190 percent.

The awards had some impressive sponsors that include Lloyds Bank as well as Kreston Reeves. Private businesses that operate out of the Sussex region are eligible for consideration in these prestigious awards and these businesses are measured in regard to their growth over a period of four years of time. The awards are a celebration of what a great place that Sussex really is for companies to do business business in. It is an area that the team at PSI Pay are very proud to be associated with. They look forward to continuing to garner success in the region.


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