Simple Steps to Secure Your New House

Secure Your New House

When you move into your new home, you will have many ideas that you will want to implement. From the Pinterest boards to the magazine cutouts, you will have many elements to put together for your new home. However, before you begin to choose your favorite curtains for the living room, it’s important that you make your home security the priority.

In this article, we will list some simple steps that include smart lights, the best video doorbell, and an automated alarm system as well.

1. A secure doorway:

Many times, robbers tend to stroll into the least suspecting houses all because the door was not securely locked while you were tending to your backyard. It’s a smart idea to invest in a quality smart lock and the best video doorbell you can find. A video doorbell is a good addition to your home security because you can check who is at your doorstep from anywhere in the house. When you install your doors, you need to ensure that the deadbolts are secure and in place. The hinges should be protected, especially if your door has a doggy entrance or a mail slot. If you have sliding doors, ensure that they are well protected and include shatterproof glass, as well as, door sensors.


2. Windows should be locked as well:

After the doors, the windows are the most likely entry points for a burglar. At times, even the latch that is manufacturer made is not that sturdy and can be flimsy, thereby not protective. If you don’t feel comfortable with the basic locks on your windows, then you can invest in some good locks that come with key operated levers. You can install a window security film, or glass break sensors. You can also add window bars or plant some prickly bushes under your window.

3. Keep your yard lit!

Burglars and vandals are creatures of the dark, and you won’t find them skulking around in a lit landscape. So, it’s best that you install in some smart lighting for your front and backyard, in your garage and along the driveway. This will also reduce the risk of you falling over or stumbling over any object in your yard. You can invest in some good motion sensor lights, solar lights, and lights that come with their own timer.

4. Keep your Garage safe:

Just like how you would keep the entry point of your home safe with the best video doorbell, you shouldn’t avoid the garage as an entry point as well. Even if they can’t access what’s in your house, they can access your garage that is filled with many items that you may find valuable. You can keep a garage door opener, here are some of the best ways you can keep your garage secure:

>> Cover the windows to hide your stuff inside.

>> Install extra locks for your garage doors. With a good home automation system, your garage door will never stay open again.

5. Install a good security system:

Your home should have a good system that has automated security, even if it’s a basic system, you have to ensure that the monitoring system meets all the levels of protection. You have to choose a system that is comfortable for you and easy to use, without confusing you too much. If you don’t know what security system to go for, you can contact your local police station and ask them what will be the best security for your house (based on your neighborhood.) These are the factors you have to keep in mind when selecting a home security system:

>> Customer service

>> Brand reputation

>> Cost

>> Any extra perks

6. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is password protected:

Your wifi is a cyber entryway to your personal information, and this includes all the sensitive financial data. If you want to ensure that no hackers gain access to your information, then firstly you must secure your wireless router. After which, you have to switch the WPA or WPA2 encryption mode, then you will have to rename and hide your network as well. It’s important that you install a good firewall; this will keep any malicious malware at bay. You can also install good anti-virus software. Lastly, create a solid password that is a complex set of alphabets, numbers and special characters. You can even protect your children from any malicious attacks that can happen through the internet by enabling the parental control setting in your internet settings.


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