How to Increase Vocabulary

How to increase vocabulary

A person is often judged on the basis of his communication skills. A person who can put his feelings beautifully in words is appreciated more than the one who can’t express, in words, what he feels. There is a reason why poets and storytellers are so much appreciated. Usage of hard words does not mean one has a strong vocabulary; one can use variety of easy words to pen down his emotions. Stating all these facts, it should be said that inability to express what one wants to say is a mere lack of vocabulary.

It is very important to use the right words at the right time to create an impression on someone and this confidence can be gained only when you have a strong and large vocabulary. With a good vocabulary you can choose from a variety of words and say what you exactly mean and no one is left with any kind of confusion regarding what you meant. It is another very important tool along with good grammar and pronunciation. Here are a few ways in which you can make your vocabulary strong.

increase vocabulary

Learn new words and use them:

Try to learn new words as often as possible and use them whenever and wherever you can. Using these words will make you accustomed to them and you will soon be comfortable enough to use them whenever required. This would increase words in your vocabulary and soon make it rich.

Inculcate the habit of reading

Reading is a habit; once you practice it becomes a requirement that needs to be fulfilled daily. Try to read articles by good authors, edited essays, magazines or even non-fiction and technical books would be of great help. Choose any genre that you like and read books on that written by good authors. You will be surprised by the improvement this little change would do to your vocabulary.

Keep a thesaurus handy

Keeping a thesaurus handy would be immensely helpful to you. Whenever you find yourself using a word too often try to use a thesaurus and find a new word for it which means exactly what you want to say and this will also help you learn a new word in the process. These tiny steps would help you increase your vocabulary amazingly.

increase vocabulary

Lookup for unknown words

Whenever you find a word that is unknown to you try to look up for that word in the dictionary. This way you would know the meaning of the word and can use the word next time you want to say or mean something similar. If you are not in a position to check immediately, write word down and try to look when you are free.

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Keep a journal

Keeping a journal not only improves your writing but helps you use the words that you have newly learnt. This will help you understand the proper usage of the word and also make your vocabulary rich. Later you can use the word in conversations with people and create a great impression.

Try to converse more in English

This is the best way to learn new words. Try to converse more with your friends and family who also are interested in learning new words. This way you can learn a lot of words in a very short span of time. Having a friend with the same interest will double your vocabulary within a short span of time. You can exchange the words you have learnt and enriched each other’s vocabulary. This will also help you learn the proper usage of the word and you can also get help from your friend in the correction of mistakes if made.

Watch good English NEWS channels

Try to follow some good speakers and NEWS channels to increase your vocabulary. This will help you learn new words in very little time. The additional benefit is that you will get to learn the pronunciation along with the words.

Learning new words is not as tough as it seems. You just have to be regular in your habits. Small and little efforts would pay a lot in the long run. This will also be built your confidence in conversing and help you deliver your words accordingly.


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