Top 5 Best Video Marketing Ideas For Your Healthcare Practice

Videos are powerful tools for marketing, regardless of what industry you are in. They are usually easy to grasp and leave a longer-lasting impression than texts or images. It is also easier to emote and convey emotions via videos, which is why it comes as no surprise that brands all around the world have made video content a key part of their marketing strategy.

The healthcare industry is one of the more recent industries to join the digital marketing bandwagon. Although it might seem tricky at first to create visually appealing health-care-related videos that have a high retention rate, with the right concepts and tools, your healthcare brand can also create highly engaging and informative videos.

If you are still unsure about stepping into the world of digital marketing, especially through videos, here are some reasons why your healthcare brand should incorporate video content in your marketing campaigns

  • Videos are one of the easiest ways of increasing user retention on your website. The more time users spend on your website, the higher up it will rank on different search engines over time. This will improve your search visibility, so more people will come to your website, watch the videos, and keep the cycle going.
  • According to different social media marketing reports, video content is shared on different social networking platforms more than text and images.
  • Videos help you explain a difficult concept in a much shorter time than if you were using textual presentations.
  • Video marketing increases conversions and sales and is also reported to lead to an increased return of investment.

If your company is a part of the healthcare industry, here are different types of videos you can make or draw inspiration from when creating the next video for your latest marketing campaign.

Top 5 Best Video Marketing Ideas

  1. Patient testimonials

Whenever a consumer is looking for a new product or service on the internet, the first thing they look for is other customer’s reviews. Whether they are looking for a new phone, or even deciding what movie to watch on Netflix, reading up positive and negative reviews and opinions help them decide if they are willing to take the plunge. So why not use your videos to showcase some of your patient’s testimonials and give your audience a glimpse of your services through the patient’s eyes? The patients can talk about various topics ranging from the professionalism of the staff and the doctors to the different medical procedures that are performed at your institution. Patient testimonials are an effective way of sharing authentic and positive stories to show your audience that you deliver what you promise and that your patients are looked after well.

  1. Educational videos

From knowing what to expect at the first visit to performing self-exams at home to detect breast cancer, you can educate your audience about many different topics through educational videos. You can help your patients understand the difficult medical jargon, teach them about health-related privacy laws and rights, and also update them about the new research and developments in the medical and healthcare field. Break down your videos into short segments that are informative and engaging. These videos will help your healthcare brand reach a wider set of audience, even those that are not actively looking for medical assistance.

Top 5 Best Video Marketing Ideas

  1. Doctors and staff profiles

Going to the hospital is already a daunting experience for many patients. Unfamiliar medical devices and new, strange faces can make anybody uneasy, which is why people like to do their research about the hospital staff before coming in for a treatment. Introducing your staff members via personalized video on your website is a great way to help your patients familiarize themselves with the faces and get to know your staff a little better. You can also put up follow-along style videos where we get a glimpse into a day in the life of a doctor, nurse, pharmacists, etc. as they go about their days performing their duties.

Apart from sharing information about people’s experiences and their time at the hospital, use these videos as an opportunity to share some fun behind-the-scenes footage of the doctors and staff relaxing while off-duty. Share their hobbies, passions, and other little anecdotes to put your patients at ease. These videos do not need to be too long, short video clippings of 15-10 seconds are sufficient to help get your potential patients acquainted with the people at your hospital. This will be especially beneficial if you are a child healthcare facility and deal with toddlers and pre-teens. Use these videos to highlight all your staff’s achievements and assure your audience that their health is in safe and experienced hands. The human side of healthcare is very important when it comes to the medical field, and connecting with patients on a personal level will help your audience and potential patients build trust with the people behind the brand.

Top 5 Best Video Marketing Ideas

  1. Facility tours and demonstrations

If you want to show your audience what truly sets you apart from the other healthcare facilities and brands, you should give them an in-depth insight into your institution. These videos will allow potential patients to view your interiors, infrastructure, equipment, and other key aspects of your institution from the comfort of their own homes.  You can build awareness about the different procedures you offer at your centre by walking your audience through all the steps right from when they enter your premises to when their visit is over. Constantly update your videos and add bite-sized chunks of information to inform your audience about the high-quality services offered at your facility.

These simple yet effective healthcare marketing tips will help you create the perfect video content to promote your facility and services. You do not need to go looking for expensive gadgets and software to create videos for your marketing campaigns. With a basic vlogging or digital camera and some online editing tools, you can shoot videos that are tailor-made to your brand’s style and tonality. Keep your videos short, simple, and relatable to appeal to a wider set of audience.


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