Top 10 Free YouTube Intro Makers

The intro of a YouTube video is one of its most important parts. It is the first few seconds of any YouTube video that decide how long the viewers are going to stay with the video, and hence how popular the video is going to be. A common feature found in all viral videos is that they have a captivating intro, right at the beginning. This allows the user to be engaged with the video very early on, thereby increasing the probability of the viewer watching the whole video. 

In the past few years, as the popularity, as well as the user base of YouTube, has risen exponentially, so has the number of free intro maker software and portals. These softwares will allow you to create YouTube intros very easily, without the need for any previous experience with video creation or editing. A number of such intro makers have hence risen in popularity and are used by hundreds of thousands of YouTube creators, some of which have a very large subscriber base.

Top 10 Free YouTube Intro Makers

The following is a list of the top ten intro makers for YouTube which are available entirely for free.

  • Wondershare Filmora 9: Wondershare FIlmora9 is among the most frequently used video editors available for free online. However, a hidden feature of the software is its great capacity to help users create intros to their videos. Filmora9 contains a vast variety of templates and transitions which can aid the user in customizing the intro to his needs. Furthermore, it contains a user interface that is intuitive and easy to understand. This allows the user to focus on the video, more than on learning the software.
  • IntroMaker: In terms of ease of use, IntroMaker probably tops the charts as the easiest software that can be used to create intros of YouTube videos. The software allows users to choose a theme and template on which the video is to be made. Furthermore, the text and images to be added to the intro can be considerably customized. The video can then be downloaded by the user in a wide range of qualities.

Top 10 Free YouTube Intro Makers

  • Renderforest: Renderforest is another YouTube intro maker with the unique selling point of having the capacity to create videos in a very short amount of time. Given the vast variety of templates, transitions, and animations that Renderforest provides to its users, making your perfect YouTube intro is just a matter of a few clicks,
  • Ivipid: Ivipid is among the most complex and sophisticated intro makers that is available for usage for free. It allows the user to add and include complex graphics in their intro. It has a library of readymade graphics that are available for usage. You can select a theme, on the basis of which the intro has to be made and customize the text according to your requirements. The video can be downloaded in most major formats.
  • Blender: Blender is a tool that is generally used for 3D animation. It can also be used to create intros for your YouTube videos. The usage of Blender does require a significant amount of learning. However, a number of templates from other users are also available in the Blender library that can be taken as a starting point for your video.
  • PlaceIt: PlaceItis a completely online intro maker portal that is easy to understand and use. The main feature of PlaceItis is its capability to customize text and images as per the user’s needs. These images and text can then be inserted into the intro of the video that is being created. It allows the user to save the video in most formats and gives some of the most high-quality outputs for any free video maker.
  • Animaker: Animaker is among the latest online portals that can be used to create YouTube intros completely free of cost. Animaker, being new, also provides a lot of modern functionality and the resulting videos also tend to look a lot more professional. Among the unique selling points of Animaker is the fact that it has a 3D animation tool along with other text and image customization tools. Animaker also offers its users paid plans which contain more features and no watermark on the video.

Top 10 Free YouTube Intro Makers

  • VeryLogo: VeryLogo is a unique intro maker for YouTube, in that it allows users to add animated logos to their intros. A number of different features are available for the customization of the logo itself. The transition and animation of the logo can be customized by the user in a number of ways. The output of the intros created using VeryLogo are extremely professional-looking, and can also be downloaded in most major video formats to your system.
  • Offeo: Similar to IntroMaker, Offeo is one of the easiest to use intro makers available on the internet, completely free of cost. It contains a decent library of templates as well as audio and images that can be added to your video. Offeo can be used by video creators with all levels of experience and is especially aimed at those who do not have a lot of experience editing videos or creating them for YouTube.
  • Crello: The greatest feature of Cello as an intro maker for YouTube is the fact that it has a large library of templates that the users can create their intros on. Crello can be used to create intros for a large variety of intros, including corporate videos, training videos or simple how-to videos. The video that is created can be previewed on the go so that the time of the creation of intro is minimized.

Apart from these portals, a number of other portals can also be used to create intros. These include VideoCreek RendrFX, and IntroCave. To make the perfect intro for your video, go to one of these portals, and start creating!


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