What are the Cause and Effects of Gender Discrimination

Causes of Gender-based Discrimination

For the longest time ever, both men and women have experienced different forms of discrimination, whether in their workplaces or at home. These cases of discrimination have subjected them to stress, depression, and increased instances of low self-esteem. A major concern about discrimination is the fact that it is a global issue that also affects modernized countries. On the other hand, the after-effects of gender-based discrimination have far-reaching consequences which can affect every aspect of society. The good thing, however, is the fact that various law firms, such as the California employment attorney, can offer discriminated victims a chance for redemption. It is, therefore, of the essence, to understand the impact of discrimination, and determine the measures that can be taken to address the underlying problem.
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“Causes of Gender-based Discrimination”

In workplaces, cases of gender-based discrimination, especially against women, is rampant because women are underrepresented in most offices. This form of under-representation makes women feel less important and unappreciated. Additionally, when it comes to decision making, most women are not involved in such decisions, because according to men, the input of women is not as valuable as that of men. In most instances, it is the male gender that gets the final say on crucial matters.

In such situations, the men who work with women usually don’t have a welcoming tone, and neither do they provide working women with progressive ideologies. Male workers also view women as been less capable of performing various tasks at an acceptable level because they view women as being weak. This form of discrimination can easily create conflicts between male and female counterparts. When such conflicts occur, West Coast Employment Lawyers can be a great source of information, especially to victims who are in search of the best lawyers to represent them accordingly.

Gender-based Discrimination
Sexualized Content
Another major cause of discrimination against women has been the high number of hypersexualized images available in movies, magazines, and television programs. These images tend to promote verbal and physical sexual harassment against women. The good thing, however, is the fact that abused women can seek legal advice from a gender discrimination attorney.

Gender-based Hospital Bills
Gender discrimination has also been experienced in hospitals, where women tend to pay more on premiums as compared to men. For instance, when women visit different hospitals, some of the services offered by the hospitals exclude the most common female-oriented services such as maternity care, contraception coverage, and preventive screening.

High level of illiteracy is also another major cause of discrimination against women. In third world countries, for instance, parents, especially those who are below the poverty line, do not see the urgency or need of educating their daughters. According to them, the girls are better off staying at home and carry out house chores. Additionally, such women believe that education brings nothing positive to the girl child.

In patriarchal societies, greater importance is given to men as compared to women. As a matter of fact, in such societies, women are traditionally viewed as individuals who can only spend the entire day at home cooking and taking care of their husbands or children. On the other hand, men are considered with high regards and are always accorded the utmost respect. In such societies, when men occupy high positions, they are given the power to determine the level of access that women can have in situations such as getting job opportunities or earning higher pay.

Gender-based Discrimination
Increased Mortality
When women are discriminated and forced to pay more in health insurance premiums, there is a high chance that they will be exposed to more illnesses, unintended pregnancies, and high mortality. This can be attributed to the fact that some women may find it hard to pay for premium services due to the high cost associated with the premiums. In unfortunate circumstances where mortality occurs, a gender discrimination lawyer can be hired to offer guidance to the bereaved family.

Stress-related Illnesses
Increased cases of gender-based discrimination can lead to increased cases of stress-related illnesses. When employees are subjected to discrimination, their input in their respective roles tends to be affected. For example, female employees may prefer to be absent from their workplaces in order for them to concentrate on their wellbeing or avoid those discriminating them.

Decreased Job Input
Job satisfaction is possible when an employee is treated fairly in her place of work. When such individuals are subjected to discrimination, their level of job input is greatly affected. This can be attributed to the fact that when employees are discriminated based on their gender, their probability of positively influencing their job outcome is greatly affected. What happens in such a situation is the fact that discriminated individuals are never satisfied with their jobs, and therefore, their input is limited.

Poor Development and Increased Poverty
In countries or workplaces where gender-based discrimination is practiced, chances of poverty and backwardness are more likely to occur. The notion behind this argument can be based on the fact that the moment women are seen as less important in decision making, chances of making the wrong decisions are high. The inclusion of women in decision making increases the chances of brainstorming, a process that can lead to better decisions. Therefore, when women are not involved in these decisions, poor decisions are bound to be made.

Gender-based Discrimination 2019

Mental Instability
Increased cases of mental health are bound to happen when gender-based discrimination is practiced. This can be attributed to the fact that people who are subjected to harassment are more likely to have an increased level of anxiety and depression. When such a victim is exposed to such form of harassment, she tends to be absent-minded and mostly prefers to be left alone. This increases the likelihood of undergoing depression, which if left untreated, can lead to mental instability.

Increased Conflicts
When people are discriminated against each other based on their gender, conflicts are bound to happen. When these conflicts occur in a common workplace, they permeate the workplace to the core, an instance that can lead to a drastic drop in the overall morale of the employees. Poor morale, on the other hand, has a negative effect on the general corporate culture, and external parties such as customers.

Legal Issues
Gender discrimination is a recipe for long-term legal issues. This can be attributed to the fact that it is illegal to discriminate someone based on their gender. Therefore, when a company hires and fires employees based on their gender, the disgruntled employees may seek a legal directive from a gender discrimination attorney. Based on the severity of the underlying issue, a company may lose its operating license, pay hefty fines, and fail to attract the best employees.

It is without a doubt that gender discrimination is a major issue that requires immediate addressing as a way of avoiding long-term problems. Companies can put in place the required measures that can curb cases of gender-based discrimination. This can be achieved by hiring a gender discrimination lawyer who can provide the company with the required information on how to prevent or curb gender-based discrimination.


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