The Story Of’s Founder Liu Quingdong Is A Truly Inspirational Tale

The Story Of's Founder Liu Quingdong

Liu Quingdong, known by many as Richard Liu, is a Chinese businessman who can accurately be described as China’s most successful entrepreneur in the realm of retail sales. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of China’s largest retailing and e-commerce sales company – He has built the company from the ground up and founded it as a startup in 1998 as a traditional brick and mortar. That first store that was founded in Beijing has become one of the world’s most successful companies in the world of online sales and is known for the way that it has revolutionized the e-commerce industry.

” Who is Richard Liu? Chinese billionaire seeks to raise profile as expands outside China “ is also known for its state of the art methods of delivering its products to customers with an impressive amount of efficiency. This is made possible by the company’s hi-tech approach to logistics and supply chains. The company is also notable for the wealth of support services that it provides to other companies within the Chinese Business community. After more than twenty years and a tremendous pattern of growth, Liu Quingdong remains as committed as ever to delivering the best customer service in the retail industry and to getting his customers the products that they want.

Liu Quingdong family

Richard Liu hails from the Jiangsu region of China. He comes from a family of modest means and when he decided to pursue his college studies, he received support from his entire village. Richard studied the subject of sociology at China’s Renmin University. After completing this degree he went on to attend the China Europe International Business School where he attained his EMBA Degree. Richard was heavily influenced and inspired by the major economic reforms that swept across China trade war during his youth. He saw firsthand the way that the country’s economy was taking off. This left a strong impression on him and fostered an entrepreneurial spirit within.

The genesis of Richard Liu’s initial foray into the online world began in the wake of a crisis in China. The SARS epidemic that swept through the country during the 2003 calendar year left many stores closed and the public locked themselves inside their homes. It was during this time that Richard Liu decided to begin working in the online realm and doing something similar to what he was already doing at his brick and mortar style location. Once he entered into the online sales realm, Richard quickly realized what a powerful platform it was and he knew that this was where the future lay. From early on during this phase of, Richard Liu started working toward coming up with unique solutions to e-commerce logistics. This commitment to innovation has continued to this day.

Liu Quingdong

These days, the company continues to grow faster than ever. Each year, Richard and his team strike new partnerships with manufacturers and brands around the world. This is all part of the effort to continue to bring new products into the Chinese market. It is a market that is clamoring for new products. This is particularly true in areas such as luxury goods. Richard and the JD team continue to find new methods of efficiently delivering these products to their customers across the country of China.

Liu Quingdong has always been committed to growth and his ambitions now lie with finding ways to extend the JD supply chain to new heights of sophistication and new extents. He foresees a future in which this impressive supply chain is extended across the entirety of the globe and his entire team is working tirelessly to achieve this lofty goal. With this commitment in place, the future at JD looks to be as exciting as its past has been.


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