Fat Jew Recreates Battle Scene From Braveheart Using Migrant Workers In LA

Have you ever wanted to recreate one of your favorite epic battle scenes from a 90s movie? The average person’s answer is most likely no, but hilarious TV and Internet personality, The Fat Jew, is far from average. How does Fat Jew spend his weekdays, you might ask? Recreating the epic battle scene from the 1995 hit move, “Braveheart,” obviously.

The Fat Jew has officially teamed up with the Millennial minds of Elite Daily to bring the Internet some of the most outrageous and entertaining videos to ever hit the web.

From stretch Hummer limos, to befriending migrant workers, to locking down Frankie Grande’s backyard, to finding a 12-foot horse (with a 3-foot penis), this clip has everything you’d never ask for in a video, but everything you’re dying to see.

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