Reading ‘Anaconda’ As Spoken Word Poetry Doesn’t Makes So Classy- Just Listen

Popular music isn’t typically known for its introspective lyrics and experimental production because when people are trying to have a good time, they tend to avoid songs about overlooked crimes against humanity performed in 11/4 time. Instead, they tend to gravitate toward songs with nostalgic samples, sexually charged lyrics and even racy music videos.

Nicki Minaj understands this because she did every single one of those things when making “Anaconda.” It’s one thing to hear the lyrics over a Sir Mix-A-Lot-inspired beat, but it’s another thing entirely to read them in a slow and deliberate manner over soft classical music.

“Anaconda” might not be high brow, but it’s a lot easier to tell yourself you’re getting cultured when you listen to it like this.

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