The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 2 Recap. Red Gets Ruthless to Save His Wife

Time to hit the Blacklist again we open in Poland this week where a team of bank robbers waste no time in jumping into things and shutting the bank down. Meanwhile, Red calls his body cleaner, and things are getting concerning for Mr. Kaplan, who we find out has a name that is Kate. The bodies get taken care of sadly one of them was still alive, so he has to shoot them again. While he gets a call about Warsaw and that Red knows what they were after. The question is did they get it? When the robbers leave they put water or perhaps it is acid on the ground, but they do not kill any of the people who were in the bank. Red does say he is sorry to Mr. Kaplan before shooting the other guy dead. Guess red is having one of those days.

Meanwhile Red’s wife tries to tell Berlin that Red does not care about her, he does not seem to care much. While back in the hotels Red’s manicurist meets Elizabeth and she finds out that the woman was trained as a surgeon. After talking about what Elizabeth found out about his wife and the child. That is when Red tells about the bank situation, that it is the last place anyone would want to rob but that someone did. Elizabeth takes it to the FBI and her and Ressler are ordered on the next flight to Warsaw. While the mysterious picture taker from last episode is back and tracking. You have to wonder what they are up to.

Another package arrives for Red at his hotel and this time it is one of his wife’s teeth, Berlin is keeping his word on sending her back in pieces. Having arrived in Warsaw Elizabeth and Ressler hit the ground running, but it’s clear the bank is ass covering and not saying everything and this comes out even more when the manager fellow talks to a member and says, if we don’t fix this we are all dead.

That is when Elizabeth and Ressler get some feed that shows the [people going in and out of the building, turns out it was not a robbery it was a kidnapping. 5 of them went in and 6 went out the woman who was extra was scared. They get called to a truck and they find a rose smelling gel on the seat and Red asks if its flammable and it is so its a jelly pastry. Nothing overly interesting it seems but a funny moment. While Berlin is having a fit on the phone to the bank manager. Guess he lost money to an IT issue, what could that mean? Of course, when Red arrives in Warsaw he goes to a bakery where he is well known. Then they go into the back after a nice hug and some pastry and there are the guns, of course. Red gets the information he is after by saying he can protect her.

The rescue turns out to make the woman they go to save upset. She might have been in on it. She then tells the FBI that if the cops know where she is so does Strickland. Meanwhile, Berlin is having some issues with Strickland and that does not go so well for him as he gets told he can be peeled like a grape. Strickland says the formula protects the assets. While the woman who knows the formula tells them some information about a day turns out she has the perfect memory and she is telling Ressler how she does it. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is having a fight with the guy that they are supposed to be working with and it isn’t until the window gets shot and shattered that anyone notices. Their guest gets shot, but the Reds Mossad friend shows up to help them as well. While in the car Ressler tries to save the life of the woman they have.

Berlin has a problem with Reds wife tries to escape, she stabs her guard very well with a chicken bone. Sadly for her, she does not get very far in the end. While in Warsaw the cops are causing trouble and everyone around is tattling on them as they try to escape. Red calls Elizabeth and gives her help with one of his people as they are trying to get away, he has a small diversion planned which ends up being a car exploding. With one of the tattlers saying tell Reddington it is done, yeah big boom.

As they are on the train trying to get to Reds people our Lady gives Ressler an account number and says it is her dying declaration. The train stops far too early and criminal types get on with guns and then Red comes in as well. Everyone is surprised that he shows up, why are they? People need to understand how he works. He has also planned first class tickets home for our lovely FBI group. As Berlin is planning on taking something else from Reds wife, he gets a call from Red and it is time for them to meet. They do so at it looks like Coney Island. Red shares a story about a woman who destroyed herself over her body the short story being make sure your passion isn’t your sickness. While Berlin says your wife is coming apart nicely. That is when Red says we have a common enemy and that he is finished with Reds wife. That is when Red says he has all of his money. Berlin does not seem to like that at all. Red says he will make a trade his wife for his money. If he wants to kill his wife, he can but then he does not get his money. Otherwise, give his wife back and he can have the money. Berlin then brings up Elizabeth. In parting however, he says to set up the meeting.

Elizabeth is picking up on things she finds the manicurist and says she wants to see the patient. That is when Red gets a call and they talk about what he is trying to pull. Elizabeth ruins what Red is planning because she says they froze the accounts. Elizabeth says she is sorry, but Red says that now she isn’t, but someday she will be. That is when Red says he is going through with the deal anyways and she knows that he will die if he doesn’t hold up his end of the deal.

At the meeting place Berling takes Reds wife out of the car she is blindfolded and wobbly, but okay otherwise, and the codes are handed over. The numbers and accounts come up and when you think they won’t go through they do. Red is surprised, but barely shows it. When his wife is fully given to him, he does not even speak to her or touch her. Berlin gives him a kiss off and he has to be stopped from going after the man, he does stop, but you can tell that Berlin has something coming to him for sure. Red does not let things like that go. While the alive woman is giving account numbers to Ressler and it is found out the FBI uses monarch bank too, for funding undercover operations.

Our Mossad picture taker turns over all her information to the FBI man and he asks one thing, what do you want. While Elizabeth meets with Red and he says thank you, but Elizabeth says that she was doing her job in protecting him as an asset. Red also says he knows Lizzy has a source a secret Santa and he will be ready to hear when she is ready to share. Lizzy does key in however to knowing that Red protected himself and Mossad calls Red and says that she is in and look forward to working with him. There are certainly a great many things up.

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