Fraules Dancing Group Led By Founder Yelena Yatkina Perform SHAGGY’s “Hey sexy lady”

Fraules Dancing Centre, a group of dancers from Siberia who have become global twerking sensations. Dubbed ‘Siberia’s greatest export’ the dancers of Fraules Dancing Centre, in Novosibirsk, have achieved such acclaim the choreographer of Jennifer Lopez paid a visit. Danielle Polanco, who has also been the choreographer for Beyonce and Janet Jackson, also visited Fraules and founder Yelena Yatkina.

Yelena’s academy has gained a global audience after a video of the training regime of the some of the dancers was posted on the internet. The international spotlight on Yelena’s school came as a result of a video made by Zhenya Remizovskiy, which has now amassed more than 30 million hits on YouTube.

Yelena said: ‘I think we were incredibly lucky to find Zhenya, that video got so successful first because Major Lazer reposted it – that immediately brought more people to us, and then the tune went on radio and TV and became really popular among dance hall dancers.’

The group have just releases a new performance dancing to SHAGGY’s “Hey sexy lady”. Just like the rest of their videos this video is going viral. Checkout the video below:

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