Scandal Recap: Blackmail, the Sextape and Drugs

It is week four for Scandal and time to see what the gang at the white house and around it is getting up to this time. I know I for one often wonder how much of this show is based off real shenanigans that go down in Washington D.C I mean they don’t get much else done right? We open on a dark and dubious night, rain and everything with Jake clearly looking for someone or coming from somewhere. When he stops, stares at a car, then turns away when he is several steps away he uses his key fob and boom goes the car. He heads over to Liv’s house and says he is late because he has car trouble. They are having dinner and talking about days as Jake has a vision of Liv’s Dad saying he will be over him when he dies. Then she gets a call and has to rush off, sounds like an important call but they usually are.

Liv arrives at a very wicked party and going through until there is a vomiting girl in her undies, Liv says to call Cyrus on the number marked Black. Turns out vomiting girl is the Presidents Daughter. Cyrus as it turns out, is in bed with the hooker, lets hope he isn’t paying but since there is a plan going on there not a big deal. Cyrus is going to be going to get a team. While Liv calls Huck and tells him to shut down cell services at the address they are at. They move to get her out of the party and she is obviously drunk and not good at all, but Huck manages to get the phones turned off and Cyrus has a copter arrive. Our tax dollars at work right folks? Okay, well it is a TV show, but still it is a thought.

An argument goes down about her slipping the secret service agents. Then Karen (Presidents Daughter) blurts out that the Secret service was right next to her Brother when he died. That is when Karen’s phone dings and they watch something and Liv goes on a freak out to Cyrus about waking the President. Turns out it is the dirtiest sex tape that she has ever seen and it stars the Presidents Daughter.

Then in the White house Fitz is having a typical Dad reaction and then he asks if she was raped. Logical I suppose. Though after that she tells him exactly what she did and she did it all of her own will. No rape. Karen is sent downstairs, then to meet with the White house Doctor. President Fitz wants heads on pikes. Then he begs Liv to find the tape to protect his Daughter, begs hand together and all. Bless him for that. Oh, she also has to say nothing.

The next morning in the White house, Abby confronts Huck and Baby Huck as she called him about being in the White house. Cyrus calls her off finally. A nice speech about how she is a warrior and a patriot and then tells her to stop being jealous of Liv. Oh, and he does not think it would be that much fun to be Olivia Pope.

Fitz takes Karen to see Melly and they both seem to be hiding things. I suppose since Melly is still in her bedclothes as she has been almost all season, can’t blame him. Karen is then off down to the oval to work with Dad or be watched by Dad. Another perfectly normal Dad type reaction if you ask me. Down in the oval of course is Liv and her team. They have pictures of all the boys and Karen has to try to pick the boys out of a line up. Bad news is she does not seem to remember. Yikes, Coyote ugly much? There is much work and it gets narrowed down to four and then they find one with a tattoo on his arm and he is the one.

Liv’s Dad is talking to “Tom” the golden boy and there is all sorts of angry about Jake not being dead. Well can we say get over it? Of course that isn’t going over and Liv’s Dad now puts a clock on how long until he needs to be dead in while Tom does not look like he wants to do that job at all because Jake was command. That is when Jake walks up (after Liv’s dad has left) he says that he is not there to kill him and reminds him who the only other person responsible for the Death of the President’s Son is. Then says if you do try to kill me maybe not today its gorgeous out. Hey, who wants to die on a beautiful day?

Fitz and Liv have another moment in the oval about running away and not running away. Not burying in work and he asks where Liv went. Ever wish that a couple would either get together or stay apart? Starting to feel a bit that way with Liv and Fitz. She lies when he asks if she ran off for two months all by herself, she said yes. We all know she was with Jake. After saying that her Mom ruined the President’s family and then she leaves.

David is watching himself on TV, alright then he is also drinking and claims he has no secrets. Funny. Jake visits and says he needs David’s help. David refuses and wishes that he never had the files and yet he won’ t give them to Jake. So Jake threatens to snap his neck if he does not get the files, that works and David gives him the key to the storage unit. Liv is in a panic and he cals Liv and while on the phone Melly sees Liv and chases her down the hall and even puts hands on her. Oh my, well Melly not fun.

Melly busts in and starts freaking out on Fritz about them being together. He handles it calmly and tells her that it was Karen who called Liv. Melly says she is the one who holds her family together and fixes things and wants Liv out of her house. Fitz then has a fit about how he has delt with Smelly Melly and Drunk Melly and all the other things she has been doing and says you are not the Mother you have Mothered no one since Jerry died. He also tells Melly about the sex tape, some new move called Eiffel towering, anyone else curious about that one? Melly’s reply to everything he says? She takes after her Daddy then doesn’t she. Ouch.

Baby Huck finds one of the boys and wants the tape. He looks scared and in a dorky outfit at his “crappy minimum wage job” then she looks like she’s going to kill Bobby and he might die of shock. Bobby gives the name of the partner up easily and Liv brings the boys parents into her office. They all seem on the same page about getting rid of the video until the parents say, “how much” yup, they are trying to blackmail the first family to the song of 2.5 million dollars.

Liv says he needs to pay it or they will release it and that becomes Karen’s story. More touching moments Fitz complaining about being a failure and then he draws Liv in tight and says don’t ever leave me again, I almost died without you. She melts into him and his touch again as she always seems to. This woman is so smart about everything else this time she at least says, stop. That she didn’t go away alone that sends him back a far way. Then ding ding, give him a cookie he knows she went away with Jake. He makes it all about him. Sorry Fitz, but you ARE married and she is not your Wife. This writer has very little sympathy for him. After he hurts her a bit he says to pay the blackmailers.

At the payoff time the parents want another $500,000 dollars and the Mother calls Karen a dirty little whore. Liv takes pictures of them there and the check. Then says she is leaking them to the tabloids and has a fit about them being the worst kind of people. She also tells them that she will make sure they get nailed for kiddie porn and that she will destroy them. After that and being shell shocked they sign the agreements and that is that no money no tape. Well done Liv.

Karen is looking for her phone in her room and her Mom has it and comes in and fun Mother and Daughter speech going on. It gets touching then and Melly says that she gets one free pass and she just used it. At the end of it Karen asks Melly if she is okay.

Fitz is looking at his photographs and then a big wig in security comes in. That is when he announces there are red flags about Tom. That he was not where he said he was when he said he was. Here we go, sniffing out the guy who did the deed and Fitz is not that dumb he is picking up on it.

He calls for a secure line. Tom calls Jake about needing to run away. Jake tells him to tell the truth, it is the only thing that will keep him safe and that he has more than enough proof to nail Rowan (Liv’s Dad) and Jake heads on down to the White house and he tries to tell the president and give him the file. While Tom is in the room, he is about to tell the truth when Rowan comes into the room. There goes the truth. Turns out it was Fitz, who brought Rowan in. Ouch.

Tom is trying to get Fitz to come and talk to him but he won’t. Rowan lays it all out to nail Tom to the wall and he is pushing to get what he wants to get the order, you know what name he wants and Tom eventually gives it to him and says it was Jake. Cyrus is then told to do it. Liv is alone at her home and waiting and Jake waited calmly in the office of the President. He gets surrounded by secret service, but as he does, he hands over a file. Rowan also has Tom taken away. Jake clearly knew what would happen, but what is going to become of it? Guess we find out next week.

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