‘Once Upon a Time’ Full Recap Season Four Premiere.

It is the night that everyone who loves fairy tales and Storybrooke has waited for, the moment when the new season dawns and Storybook is about to get Frozen. The end of last season showed us who we clearly know to be Elsa (unless you live under a rock) arriving in the town and walking away from a barn. The season opens with the words a Long time ago and we see the storm that took down Elsa and Anna’s parents and their Mother sends a note knowing they might not make it home. 5 years later the sisters join hands together as they visit their parents’ graves and Elsa says that they would be proud of Anna but Anna reminds her they would surprise for her wedding.

We then cut to Storybrooke and Elsa’s arrival there her nervousness and suddenly the sign is freezing over. Then Emma is trying to comfort Regina as they talk about what happened with Robin and Marian. Regina ends up saying the more you try to help the worse my life becomes. Then Robin comes out and the situation gets complicated as Marian still thinks of Regina as the evil Queen and is having a meltdown about her Son being let near her and thinks all the people of the town are crazy. Regina ends up walking away from the situation and Henry hopes that she does not become evil again.

Leroy and Walter are driving along on the road and then sleepy (Walter) falls asleep at the wheel and almost runs Elsa over, so in her fear she freezes the car into a solid block of ice. Impressive! Poor Elsa for being scared though. Then daylight comes and Elsa is going down the road startled by motorcycles and many other things, while her frozen powers are taking over. When she sees a white wedding dress we go back to her world.

Anna is trying to guess what the surprise is from a wedding on ice to a great many things. She did not expect an upstairs room, but within it, is their Mothers wedding gown. Elsa says the gown is missing a little something and gives her sister a beautiful snowflake necklace. While the sisters talk, we get a mention of Kristoff and Elsa is really hoping he cleans up well, but she also finds a book within a desk and snow flakes start to move around her, showing how she loses control with big emotions. Elsa says their parents are dead and it’s all her fault before retreating.

Back in Storybrooke Gold and Belle go to emotionally visit Neal’s grave. Gold shares a touching story about the wars something that happened between them where comfort was offered. He then goes into how he gave Belle a fake dagger and that he’s upset and worried about having done that. He wants to be the man his Son died for, and he pledges that he will be that man, he truly thinks his Son’s heroism will show him the way and he will spend his life repaying his Son for giving his life.

Robin goes to visit Regina and asks for a moment to talk with her. It is a hard moment as Robin expresses how much he cares for Regina and does not see her as a monster but that he has a vow. He vowed to be with his wife until death do us part and now it hasn’t. He has a code and he must stay by it and hopes she understands. This is a heartbreaking moment for Regina she came so far, and once Robin leaves a mirror shatters in Regina’s emotions and when she looks into it we see some of the evil Queen returning. Once again she does down into the hospital basement and there she finds her mirror once more. Exclaiming there is someone standing in the way of my happiness, I need your help.

Belle brings Rumble to a big lovely home that looks a lot like his castle and she says that it must have come over in the last curse. They go inside together and Rumple freezes her as she looks out the window and then replaces the daggers, giving Belle the right one before unfreezing her and taking her through the house, which includes a huge library. Though there is one small detail that makes Rumple pause, but he continues on. Then in the library, we get the classic Beauty and the Beast music, outfits and their first dance together. A touching sweet moment.

Meanwhile the charming family is going along down the road and Hook and Emma are having a moment when Leroy comes running and says we are under attack and talks about waking up in a meat locker that’s when Emma notices the frozen trail.

Back in their land Elsa is having a tough time, but Anna goes to her being supportive and asks what she found in the diary. That is when Elsa tells her what she found, their parents didn’t go off on a mission it was a cover and Anna reads out that the truth is too painful and what has been seen from Elsa is terrifying and it has to be stopped. Anna refuses to believe that Elsa is a monster. While Anna insists there are more answers out there and she thinks the trolls can help answer it.

Storybrooke has Elsa trying to hide and Hook and Emma run to see what’s going on. The snow starts to fall and then things start to become more cumulative and then Marshmallow the big snow monster shows up. Surprise Emma and Hook!

Outside of Storybrooke Anna is bustling around in her wedding gown and off to see Grandpapi and wants to see him, he takes a bit to show himself but then he does. He sadly does not know what the parents were really doing on the voyage and Elsa, thanks him but wants to go. However Grandpapi has something to add, that he knows where they were going a land called Myst haven Anna staying positive, but Elsa reminds her she has duties to do and there is a little problem with Hans wanting to pounce on the Kingdom. Anna insists two weeks and she will be back, Elsa says that’s what Mother and Father said.

Meanwhile Marshmallow is protecting Elsa and going after Emma and Hook. When Elsa finds a paper with Belle and Rumple on it Mellow changes course and heads off running elsewhere. Then we see Regina talking to her mirror boy and wanting to change things, stating that Marian needs to be removed. Regina goes over that this removal needs an elegant touch and she needs the mirror to show her when Marian was captured and then he gets stuck back in the mirror, temporarily so Regina says. He is then able to show her when Marian was taken and captured for her death sentence. Everyone else in town is running in fear while Elsa sees Gold’s pawn shop.

Elsa back in her realm goes looking for Anna and ends up talking to Sven and Krisoff and he makes up a story about wedding details and frosting. When he finally fesses up that Anna is off to Myst haven on a ship and of course Elsa goes after her.

Marshmallow is off in the woods back in Storybrooke and everyone is trying to stop him. Of course Robin, the dwarfs and Emma end up making him angry and everyone is about to get crushed or something else but Regina stops him even saving Marian. Before of course she disappears. Emma spends time tossing a snow ball and Hook encourages her to enjoy the quiet moments before they have to find the person who made the snowman. Emma then admits that she is avoiding Hook but it’s because she feels guilty about what happened with Regina. Hook says there is more to it, Emma gives him a very soft kiss than tells him to be patient. He tells her that he has all the time the world, unless another monster appears and kills him.

We get a frozen moment with Emma and Regina, Emma being the Anna and Regina is the Elsa. Emma says that she will make sure Regina gets her happy ending. Regina then wishes to change fate and that means she wants to change the book by finding the writer of the book. She wants her happy ending by changing the book, villains will get a happy ending.

While Belle is sleeping Rumple takes the item he found in the house earlier and uses the dagger over it the small well comes alive and seems to show a galaxy before turning into a wizard hat. Rumple seems very happy with this hat. Then Elsa breaks into the pawn shop carefully, it was the necklace in the picture that sent her there. The necklace she gave her sister.

Back in their realm Elsa is trying to go onto the ship and Kristoff is telling her that it’s best if she stays that Anna has to do this on her own. That Anna asked him to stay behind so that Elsa would not be alone and he believes in Anna. It then comes out that Myst haven is called something else by those that live there, the Enchanted forest. The last moment is Elsa says she will find Anna.

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