Gotham Episode 8 Recap – The Mask! Spoiler Alert!

We are back into the city of darkness time to see what is going on in Gotham. We open in what looks like a run down office building. Two men in masks are running around as the lights flare trying to kill each other. Another man is watching on a video and when one of the workers kills the other he holds up his hand in victory, alright then. The body washes up for our duo to find and Gordon is the one to notice there is ink on him. They even find a finger in the dead guys mouth.

Oswald meanwhile runs into some rich lady on the street and in his way asks for her jewelery brooch which he brings to Fish. The meeting with Fish is about terms for the peace talks between the families. After they do a bit of talking about blood shed and what they shouldn’t Fish opens the present and she really likes it, to the point she even uses part of it to stab into Oswald’s hand and licks the blood from it. Clearly Fish has not forgiven him and she still really wants Oswald dead. If his protector Don ever ends up dead he needs to watch himself. Well really we could expect no less from Fish.

Bruce in the meantime is off to school and he would prefer to be home schooled. Alfred is making a good case for school but in the end has to pull a because I said so on the kid. While down at the station our boy Gordon is interviewing the dead office workers Mom. Turns out he worked in a coffee shop but wanted a job in finance. Harvey has a chance with their Captain that Gordon is clearly still mad at everyone.

Off somewhere a man is screaming morphine at a Doctor when Harvey and Gordon turn up as the guy gets clubbed. Turns out this is a black market saw bone guy and he is the one who treated the guy who had no finger. Gordon calls the rest of the team and tosses the Doctor into the clink and another one of the detectives gets mad. Gordon is the one who basically tells him big deal who cares he is trying to clean up the city. Harvey begs him to play nice. Barbra gets nervous and holds Gordon at gun point when he gets home. He handles it a little snappy but then he says he is sorry, Barbra is clearly scared. Gordon assures her that he won’t let anyone hurt her. She asks him to tell her that there aren’t any monsters and to lie if he has to, so he does.

Back at the office building of scares there are two guys in cages and suits again who are asking when they will get out of there. Some guy in a creepy mask says that is up to them. The next morning Bruce is having a tough day at school again with his old friends at school asking about his parents death. They want him to say if there was any entrails. Fish meantime has a meeting with the girl she placed into Falcone’se house. Fish gives her a vile to knock the old man out and get something out of a drawer. Fish is one cold customer.

Gordon and Harvey head on down to a financial area and there is a whole bunch of guys with black and blue bruises all over themselves. They look confused, a bit disgusted but know they are in the right place. They meet with the company owner and his voice sounds like it might be the guy in the mask. The guy also does not like when Gordon says that business is about good business not war seeing as Gordon has fought in an actual war himself. Gordon calls the guy out as a liar without a second thought and says that he killed the man they found dead that is when the boss man says proof it. One his way out Gordon finds a trail of blood which he follows into the men’s room. That is when he finds the guy who did the killing sadly he knocks the crud out of Gordon and makes a run for it.

Bruce has some more trouble at school and he ends up slapping the bully. I wonder if anyone wants to tell the bully that this is the kid who ends up as batman. Maybe not more fun to watch. Oswald in the meantime has Fish’s new umbrella boy brought to him and his new goons start to tune him up a bit. Gordon and Harvey get the story from the man that they brought in. Turns out they all have to fight for a chance to work with the firm. Lawyer moves in and gets the guy to clam up while the Captain and Gordon have a moment. Perhaps the Wayne’s being killed is what set Gotham off like a tinder box. The Captain also says that she should have stayed home. When Alfred picks up Bruce there is some blood or something on his shirt. When Bruce says what happened Alfred says he hopes that he broke the teeth of the boy. Bless sadly Bruce lost the fight he said he is smaller and not very good at fighting. Don’t worry Bruce it will get better.

Gordon finds the office warehouse where the fights have been happening and he goes in alone of course. He finds three young men in there and when he asks if there is anyone else there he gets tazed by the boss man guy. Well that will be interesting. Bruce meantime is driven over to the bully’s house by Alfred who gives him his fathers watch, when Bruce rings the bell he punches the boy who comes out several times. When the boy complains Alfred says you remember I let him try to kill you and off they go to have some pizza.

Gordon wakes up and it turns out to be a three on one deal. Whoever kills Gordon is the winner and gets a job. Gordon almost has them ready to give in and not come after him when the guy says he will give a 1 million dollar signing bonus. Gordon’s reply? Oh Crap and it is fight time. Harvey is trying to get help to find Gordon and all the other cops keep saying no to him so he gives them a speech about how he is still a cop. The Captain takes a few and then so does the cop from earlier and others finaly step up. Alright Harvey you have turned a corner!

Gordon with a bit of effort takes down the three who are trying out for the job. That is when the boss man in a mask shows up. Gordon says he does not need his Brother police when the man taunts him and goes to work. Once again he disarms the man fairly easy and is about to run him through with the sword the guy had when he declines to do so. The Captain shows up just as he hops down and drops the sword. When bad guy picks up the sword Captain calls out but Gordon decks him easy enough she looks very perplexed that Gordon handled it all he does thank her for showing up though.

Our pretty little girl shows up at Fish’s joint and she wants out. Fish says no and goes into a story about when she was growing up. That she had to hide when her Mom entertained men and that one of Falcones men killed her Mom because he didn’t like the service. That is when little girl hands over a piece of paper that is apparently enough to undo Falcone. The poor Umbrella holder is hanging upside down and Oswald is still playing with him when the guy finally gives up a bit of information he gives the order to have him killed and that no one can find the body.

Jim and Harvey have a moment in the last minutes of the show Harvey and Gordon have a moment but Goardon assures him that he will not stop. He does not like fighting but he will not give up the fight. The uniforms then bring Cat in and she of course asks for Gordon. Bruce then asks Alfred if he can teach him how to fight and Alfred says yes Master Bruce, Yes I can. A legend is born right there.

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