Model Walks Through Manhattan With Painted-On Jeans

The prank group Model Pranksters decided to perform a social experiment to determine how observant New Yorkers really are.
Model Leah Jung was sent out onto the streets of Manhattan wearing nothing but a pair of “jeans” painted onto her body by the makeup and body art company, The Body of Art.

A video posted on YouTube this week shows Jung walking around Times Square, riding the subway system and ordering food at McDonald’s.

She even pops into Forever 21, where a staff member tells her to “check downstairs” when Jung says that her friend bought the jeans for her there as a gift and was looking for more.

Throughout the video, no one seems to notice that Jung is not actually wearing pants, except for one man who came up behind her and snapped a photo while she was filling up her MetroCard.

“When we went out we were expecting a lot more people to notice,” Coby Persin, founder of Model Pranksters, told 1010 WINS. “I guess the body painting was just amazing.”

Persin said they came across a couple of police officers who didn’t notice anything was amiss.
“She was talking to them and they just walked away, literally didn’t even look down,” Persin said. “They didn’t notice that she wasn’t wearing pants.”

Persin said that footage didn’t make it into the video because it was filmed at night and was too dark. Persin said some people did start to catch on when Jung stopped walking.

“She would stop like on a corner and then people would start to notice that, ‘Oh, she’s actually not wearing pants,’ and you got some comments but only when she stopped,” Persin said. “When she’s on the move, people just walked right past her.”
The video has been viewed more than 2 million times.

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