Once Upon a Time – Rocky Road Recap

Another week of Once upon a time and we open with Robin and his family heading to the ice cream shop where the new character who we can only assume is the evil ice Queen is serving up her treats.

While the rest of the group is trying to find out where Anna is and Mr. Gold says he is telling them the truth and says that he knows nothing even after Belle orders him with the knife. Though we are not sure which one it is at this point.

Back in Arendelle Elsa and company have now lost Anna and Elsa is upset trying to find her the scouts have found nothing until they report an army is coming to the city. Of course now we have the fantastic idiot Hans, showing up as an evil doer and at the head of the army, which Elsa may now be the Queen and lead her army and she intends to.

Back in Storybrooke there is now a Mayor’s fireside chat with Snow and the family, including the baby. They are going down the list about the snow wall and trying to explain that Elsa is a friend and not to be blamed for the bad things going on, that they will take care of the wall. It is then that Marian suddenly falls completely out.

Meanwhile, Regina and Henry are at Granny’s and she is having fun with him smiling, but also coyly trying to find out who wrote the book and Henry is onto her in that sense, he asks what she is up to.

Regina says that she was written as a villain and that things never work out for the villain that she wants to make the writer then changes the wording to ask them for a happy ending. Henry gets excited about it saying that the book is wrong about her and they now have a secret mission, they call it operation mongoose. Robin comes in panic and asks Regina for her help with Marian.

Regina comes with them, hates Snow’s bird painting, but then looks over Marian and says that she can’t stop whatever is freezing her but she can slow it down. When Emma and Elsa arrive Regina turns to blame Elsa but she says that it wasn’t her, it was someone else and that the spell can be broken by an act of true love.

True loves kiss and when Robin kisses Marian nothing happens. Regina is still going to help and Emma heads off to find who is doing this and asks Hook to take care of Elsa because when word gets out they will blame Elsa.

Back in the land of story’s Sven and his human are going through the woods. In the woods, they find the Brothers of no good trouble oh yeah and Hans. The brothers are teasing Hans about his dreams to become King and we see then a container the one Elsa came out of. Elsa in the castle is planning her attack when Kristoff comes to tell her about the container the urn and how it can be used to hold her. While back in Storybrooke as expected the towns people blame Elsa and go to hunt her down, while the Snow Queen of evil smiles seeing them go.

In Arendelle Elsa and Kristoff are going through the woods and talking about her magic how she feels alone because of it. She loves Anna and they are sisters, but she is the one with magic and Anna is not, Elsa almost falls off a cliff, but is saved, then suggests using magic to get down, she gets reminded that would bring attention to them so they have to use the rope. While Elsa refuses to go to the Sheriff station and hide and Hook says he isn’t going and he’s all about danger so they go together. Can we say we are surprised? Got to love hook he always has a trick up his sleeve.

In the woods David and Emma are in the woods looking for clues on how to help Marian when they find someone in the tent. He springs off running and it is a familiar face, if anyone remembers the failed spin of Once upon a time in wonderland looks like the same fellow, though maybe not because he comes out and says his name is Will Scarlet, right we remember him. The good news is he has information because he saw as we know that after the electricity was out, but no ice cream was lost, a nice hint. Meanwhile, Regina and Robin are worrying over Marian and she may get her heart removed from the sounds of Regina’s idea.

Mr. Gold gets visitors in the form of Hook and Elsa and it is time for some answers. Hook tells him that he knows that is not the right dagger and he wants answers and he wants them now. Elsa gives him hair from Marian and wants to know who cast the freezing curse on Marian he turns the hair into snow and sets the magic of it free to find its way home, or in other words back to the person who cast it. The snow goes right on past Elsa.

Snow White is having some problems with the baby and loading things, she seems very overwhelming and the good ole cricket Doctor says the famous words, Let it go. Okay, maybe this writer is just a fun mood with all the frozen going on. Emma and David and Will are working on breaking into the ice cream shop the pair doesn’t seem to believe him but they are checking things out. Once inside Emma notices no hum, no cooling system and everything in the back room is solid ice and Will Scarlet steals the money and runs away. Emma is upset, but David gives her encouragement not to lose faith in herself.

Elsa and Hook follow the snow and start talking about his relationship with Emma. Elsa points out to him that it isn’t about him it is about her and that Emma has lots on her shoulders and it can be hard to trust. While back in Arendelle the ice master and the Queen find the Urn and she is about to destroy it with her magic when she takes it down, she sees ruins on the Urn and she wants to know if there are others like her. She can’t read the ruins and does not listen to the fact that the Urn needs to be destroyed, then Hans arrives, some of his Brothers are pinned behind ice, but they get Kristoff and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t hand over the Urn.

The snow leads Hook and Elsa to the Snow Queen walking in the woods and duck down behind a tree, then Hook calls Emma and she of course doesn’t answer because that is just his luck right now. Elsa is curious bout the evil Snow Queen because she has never seen someone like her.

While back in Arendelle, Elsa gives up the Urn and she charges Kristoff with finding Anna to save the Kingdom because she knows what is going to happen next and Hans pours a liquid out of the urn that washes towards Elsa and then around her and that is when something else manifests the evil Snow Queen and Kristoff asks if no one thought to check it and the Snow Queen freezes Hans and nicely tells Elsa that no one deserves to be in the Urn especially someone as special as her.

Storybrooke shows Hook being frozen on the spot and approaches Elsa and says that they have a lot of catching up to do. Apparently the trolls took Elsa’s memories from her because some memories are too painful. The evil Queen tells Elsa it was Anna who put her in the urn and confesses that she made Marian sick because she was trying to teach a lesson and she is going to kill Hook so Elsa gets blamed, but Emma and David arrive, Elsa has her magic neutralized so she can’t help but Emma blasts the evil Snow Queen a good one and they get Hook free, not before Emma gives the Evil Snow queen a new nickname though, Dairy Queen. You have to love that.

While back in Arendelle Elsa is told by Dairy Queen that Elsa’s Mom was her sister making Elsa her niece. There seems to be a lot of compassion going on but Dairy Queen may just be using Elsa, we know she is not a very nice person after all. While Emma in Storybrooke doesn’t like that Dairy Queen seemed to know her it is really bothering her then she also snaps at Hook and tries to comfort Elsa who is clearly upset.

Marian meanwhile, back at the Mayors place is frozen like a block of ice and Robin confesses he knows why the kiss didn’t work that he loves someone else. He loves Regina. Henry arrives last minute with the things needed and Regina shoves her hand into the frozen Marian and pulls out her heart. The ice has not touched her heart, yet as she brings it out and puts it into a box. She will stay alive but frozen until they can find a cure.

The big confession comes out as Hook tries to tell Emma, she has to trust him. Everyone she had ever loved is dead, she does not want him to end up dead as well. He tells her that he is good at surviving and lays a big kiss upon her in the street. While in the woods our Dairy Queen walks until she is confronted by Gold. Emma is supposed to have forgotten the Evil one and Gold says that is good for her. Some big cryptic, something going on there for sure. That is where we leave things, the woods getting a little bit frosty.

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