‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2, Episode 1, Recap – “This Is War”

The season premiere anyone who loves a good TV show has been waiting for is upon us, that is right Sleepy Hollow is back on. When we left last season Ichabod was in a pine box and when we open that is where we see him, before a light comes up on Abby saying surprise. Ichabod is surprised by the tradition of a cupcake with candles and the making a wish, though not out loud, he does however do just as she asks. It is 251 years of happy Birthdays for Ichabod, but he is having a very hard time mustering any happiness. Abby says that it has been more than a year, we can assume this means a year since we found out about Ichabod’s Son and Wife and when the bad news happens.

Getting a call to go in and help the pair find a headless corpse and know the horseman is back. In the back of the car is an arsenal, because doesn’t everyone carry around enough guns and ammo to ply an army with in the back of their little car? When Abby asks Ichabod if he is ready, he says that he has been ready for 200 years.

Once inside we get a lot of lovely hints to Ben Franklin, who Ichabod knew and clearly does not like, calling him such things as insufferable, braggart and gas bag. That is when the horseman attacks and he of course has his own arsenal besides being the horseman without a head. Ichabod says that he dies tonight, he is angry that his wife was killed by the horseman, but Abby reminds him her sister was also killed and they are low on ammo. Maybe it is me, but I miss that logic get some more from the car!

They do however have what the horseman wanted so they go back to sort out why he wanted it and is surprised to find out that Harvard still exists. Then he sees the sketch of a key, a key that he knows and we get to hear a fantastic story about how Ichabod was there when Franklin was doing his key test, he of course wandered upon the founding Father stark naked about ready to fly his kite.

When it starts raining either the good sense or Ichabod gets him to put some clothes on. Once the key is struck Franklin says that the key cannot be destroyed and it will need to be secreted away somewhere where evil will never find it. As it turns out, the key is the key of purgatory.

The key can break the rule of one soul must stay behind if another soul leaves. The key to out fox Malic. However, if the evil man himself finds the key everything they have sacrificed until now will be no good. Our duo goes to the sin eater the man who betrayed them and try to get some answers about where the key could be.

Is it just me or does anyone else have a lot of questions right now? How did they catch the sin eater? How did they get out of the pickles they were in? Hopefully we will get some answers, meanwhile the sin eater wants to read Abby’s sins. The hint, however may be because Ichabod keeps getting chest pains, like panic and he cannot remember any details. Suddenly the world starts to come apart, Abby is in puratory and Ichabod wakes up in the box.

In what appears to be the real world the sin eater is working on Abby’s sister and trying to get more information from her while taking pages of her memory and handing them over to someone else. While Ichabod is trying to get out of his casket a bump happens and he gets a bit of dirt but in it he tastes sulfur. While we find out that Katrina is being held by the horsemen , he cuts her arms free and brings her some bread, he seems to be playing nice until Katrina stabs him in the hand with his knife. He chokes her and brings her back to her chair and ties her down. Poor guy, can’t catch a break.. Okay, we don’t really feel sorry for him.

While in purgatory new Sulu, I mean Brookes is trying to help Abby so that she can get out of the place. Why he wants to help her is not really known, but he seemed to be a decent guy before he got his neck broken. So maybe he really is going to help.

Meanwhile Ichabod tries to record a message to Abby, but his cell phone is full, the poor man just does not seem to have any luck at all with technology. From there, however he says something about fire and brimstone and blows the heck out of his little Popsicle joint as it were. Now free and on the run again, he tries to call Abby’s sister and although she’s a bit tied up and drugged at the moment she manages to get free and see who called. It would seem that was the moment she was waiting for so she texts him back. Ichabod seems to be on the right route to get her un-trapped and together they will be working to meet up.

Brookes meanwhile, takes Abby to the lair of the big bad Malic, and says there is a mirror inside that Katrina used to contact them. Brookes then reveals the reason why he helped Abby to find a way to contact Ichabod, because she reminds him that he is human and he has some free will. When our trusty hero arrives to get Abby’s sister there is a gun fight and of course he steals a car, which he does not know how to drive. You have to love those moments when Crane and technology do not get along luckily he has a driver. So he and Jenny are working on finding the key. While they are about to work on that, Abby is able to contact Ichabod and says that she does not want him focusing on how to get her back.

Jenny and him go to a lead that Jenny had and when they hammer through some bricks the pair indeed find the key. A good bunch of news for them. While our headless horseman cleans himself up (he looks pretty brawny for a man with no head!) and then puts a necklace on Katrina. Once the glowing necklace is on her the head appears and reveals Abraham’s head.

When we see Abby coming from purgatory and she hugs Ichabod and he says she has to drink something so she can leave, only to have another Ichabod come running and say don’t. The first one howls all demon like so we know he is not the right one. We then have an Ichabod show down in purgatory, one comes out on top and they run together. About ready to leave and Abby takes his head off. When the real Ichabod says how did you know that wasn’t me, she says, because he didn’t say “left-tenant.” got to love that Ichabod’s old fashioned ways are handy for something good! The two manage to escape just in time with Malic on their heels and the key then disintegrates, a one time only use.

The sin eater also known as the horseman of war and Ichabod’s son uses his soul to free Malic from purgatory instead and gives him a sword. Well, if it wasn’t a war before it sure is now. A strong start to the season and it feels ever so good to be back in Sleepy Hollow.

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