Constantine Recap- A FEAST OF FRIENDS – Spolier Alert!

After last weeks tangle with the first fallen or more commonly known as Lucifer you have to wonder what else Constantine can get involved in. We open up at an airport and a nervous looking man going through customs. He gives his hand print and his passport and the fellow checking him out looks suspicious of him.

This writer can feel that stare, seeing as I recently got one myself while on travel. At least I never faced getting pulled back into a private room where there is a man grilling him about being in Sudan and the antique bottle he brought back. The guy who thinks that the guy is smuggling drugs does the one thing the man asks him not to and drops the bottle and a bunch of nasty looking things swarm out and then into the cop. Time to get John on the case it looks like.

John and Zed are in the park and she is a happy looking girl while John looks hung over. Not an unusual look for him. They have an interesting talk about dabbling with drugs when she sees falling coins around them and then time pauses and our Angel appears. It is always amusing to watch the interaction between these two John really does not seem to like that Angel and all he says is that he is not really there and things then spring back into action. When they get back to the cottage there is a very obvious break in. They see a bunch of nasty beetles running around and then our guy is floating around in the air needing help.

Johns old friend ends up telling him what happened while he was on his bender. He was in Sudan and that is when he saw a man with containment patterns all over him. From there the man tried to free the man who had a demon trapped inside of him and the contents of the man, the demon went right into the bottle that we later saw get broken.

He was rather proud of himself for trapping it. Sadly of course we know it was broken and back at the airport the guy who ate the demon is running through the airport inhaling food at a rapid rate and not caring about who or what gets in his way. After some fries he falls over dead and the demon swarms out well, that’s one way to say don’t east fast food kids.

John, meanwhile is doing some etchings on a bottle so they can catch the genie again as it were. Zed and John have some conversation about his friend and what happened in New castle, though he doesn’t give all the details about it. The demon has struck again at a grocery story and a poor woman ends up walking her way down the aisles grabbing anything and everything and eating it. She even takes on a cop and bashes him before biting off some of his face like a scary Zombie chic.

That is when John and friends get the news on telling them about the different victims. John is able to say it is probably a hunger demon and they have no care for anything but themselves. Zed gets left to watch Johns friend and tries to get some information out of him about New Castle. He obliges by giving information about Astra. When Zed touches him however she gets some nasty show off when he was getting high and drops back.

John, meanwhile is at the grocery store with his magic card and checking out to see if he can find anything useful. He manages to talk to the young boy who saw the woman and talks about lots of bugs and finally the boys Mom agrees and tells John what happened and gives him the information about who was taken next a meat delivery guy. John tracks down where the guy was from thanks to the logo and finds the dead meat worker. He cheekily erases their accident board to zero before finding the woman the demon is in at the moment and starting his work. Everything is going as planned until he drops the bottle and the demon is looking to get inside him next.

The good news is when John comes back Zed has pictures for him so that he knows what the demon might be. John heads off to speak to a friend of his, sounds like a voodoo type, but one that he liked unlike last week. His friend knows exactly what it is but they don’t know how to stop it so they have to travel together and share a vision.

So away goes John into a trip land with a nasty edible that he has to take to get into vision land. Bit of gross when the guy trades eyes, but the story goes to share about the nasty hunger demon. Turns out the man who was carved was done so on purpose to contain the demon. A boy was sacrificed so that the demon could be destroyed. The bottom line is John needs a sacred blade and he will likely need a sacrifice, but they don’t comment on that.

The dumb friend of John makes Zed let him out by touching her and giving her all the flashes of his withdrawal again and then taking off. When John arrives, he finds her on the couch looking very sick. The poor girl. She tells John what happened then. John goes and saves his buddy from a butt kicking by some drug dealers by giving them some of the super narcotic, well that won’t end well for them. While in the bar talking there is a confession to be made about New Castle, the friend was of course high no shock. He even confesses about hiding under a bed upstairs and ignored the screams before he ran away. John relieves him and tells him that it was not his fault. That everyone knew he was high too.

The news gives another talk of an outbreak and the boys down their drinks and head on down to take care of the demon. They have to steal the knife first. They manage to get it and make the guard do some funny dances in the meantime, then it is off to the theater and the hunger demon. When they are up on the stage John says what is needed and his friend does not seem to shocked that he is to be the sacrifice. In the end, however the man does not argue with him, he willingly offers himself. That is one way to get redemption. They share a moment and then the ritual begins.

John easily summons the demon and puts it into his friend before he starts carving the holding runes into his flesh on his head. It clearly takes a lot out of him to do it, but he manages it. John takes him back to the cottage and Zed gets angry about it, but John tells her that was the only way to do it. John has to tell her again that he came to him and if she can’t handle people around him dying then she should leave. She buckles, some and asks what room she wants to put him in. John stays with his friend in the room as he goes through it. He may not have wanted to do it, but he is a loyal sort that John, even the Angel shows up and sits with them as well. That is a different note for them. That is then the end of the episode.

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