Sleepy Hollow: “Mama” Review

Sleepy Hollow and Abby is running through some fog to hearing someone sing you are my sunshine, she asks if it is her Mama and it turns out that it might be. She wakes startled and finds Crane, who has a wicked cold. Abby is lecturing him while he says that he fought at Saratoga with dysentery. That is when he can’t open a child proof cap. He gives in and takes the medicine and a blanket to cuddle up and sleep when Abby gets a call he is going to go but she tells him it’s bedtime. Poor Crane.

The call turns out to be the hospital is calling the cops in because there are too many suicides happening. Turns out the new Captain is finally on board with Abby and what she does. Turns out it was a good idea to bring her into things last week. Abby brings her sister in to help because she knows what is going on at the place. Things start off a little creepy with a man coming to say hello, but they decide to go see Captain Irving first. It turns out that he knew the first one who died the man found God and the backslide did not seem to make sense. Abby then also had to ask if he had anything to do with it and he was excited that he got to get his own jello color for Breakfast. Alright the jokes are funny sometimes.

Jenny and Abby share a moment about their Mom and how the hospital has tainted everything in their life. Abby also says that she wants to find out why and maybe this case will help her to find out why she was chosen and why she was a witness. They find something on the video though of the night that the most recent man killed himself and it turns out their Mom’s shade is in the corner talking to him when he does it.

Back at the usual place Crane is still having to undergo treatment for a cold while Abby looks at her Mom’s records. We see another memory of when the girls came back from school and their Mom was having one of her episodes they thought she was insane at the time but of course she was having issues with real demons. Hawley then arrives with food and help and Crane complains until he has some of the soup that Hawley brought looking like he is in heaven until he sees Hawley watching then he says it is somewhat comforting. They get back to some work and turns out the hospital is on a lay line and Crane gets cranky when Abby brings up Katrina.

We finally go through to Katrina at the house with the new little baby. Turns out the baby in the cradle is an orphan and her and Henry are going back and forth in verbal sparring. He claims that he only wishes great things for this baby and Henry continues to encourage her to pick him up and be a Mother. She picks the babe up and when she does we see him for what he really is a demonic being that is pulling something off Katrina. Things are never that simple with Henry.

The rest of the crew are at the hospital and Walt the patient from the morning is about to kill himself when her Mother appears Abby is transported someplace else. Well, don’t things keep getting creepier she is however working with her Mom as best she can and trying to find out where she is and why. Her Mom finally says that it is not safe for you here. Some nice looking nurse shows up though and she points her gun before putting it away and saying sorry. The wing she was in had not been used for years. Mom then goes on to see Jenny but before things get too bad Abby finds her, Mom left a code frozen in the glass for them though to look up some video information.

When Katrina puts the baby down, she sees what is happening to her skin, though it just looks dried out and crusty, so she goes and gets a flower called devils breath. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Abby and Jenny watch the video and find Mom saying something about nurse Lambert. The same nurse that was with Walt this morning and then we see a change to the nurse being with Irving. Bad news there, especially when she gives him some pills and Irving takes them. Irving goes to a large tub and puts himself into it as it fills, we hear voices as he straps himself down, luckily just at the last moment Abby, Jenny and Hawley arrive and cut him free so he doesn’t drowned though he is not very happy about being saved.

Come the morning, Irving seems to be a little bit better and he tells Abby about what happened. Abby also did a tox lab and found out the drugs were psychotropics. When they do, some research they find out the nurse considered herself a Mercy Killer and was taking care of them across the country. The woman was eventually caught and put to death, but she is back as a demonic ghost. This leads the girls down to the cell their Mom did 7 months alone in. After they pull loose a a lot of plaster they find a beautiful drawing their Mom did for them of them with the song You are my Sunshine.

This gives Jenny a bad dream, however because that Song was on the radio on a day that their Mom tried to kill Jenny locked in the garage with the car running. That is when Mama appears and she is more in her form and there is an ancient hex that can stop the evil. She tried to save those who were doing it, but she couldn’t remember the hex and Nurse icky shows up taking everyone out and taking Abby with her. Jenny now has to find the journal where the information is. We find the nurse strapping Abby in and trying to get her to take peace.

Jenny and Hawley manage to find the journal and find within it a hex that will allow them to kill a witch Doctor. The nurse continues to barrage Abby and works on trying to give her the pills she is about to when Mom shows up and manages to take on the Nurse. While she does that Jenny is reading the hex to get rid of the demon. The spell takes some time, but it finally works.

Abby is shaken up, of course and wants to tell her Mom, thank you but her Mom left. Jenny is fairly sure they have a way to do that and we see Crane and the group doing a ritual in Mom’s room. Crane seems to be feeling a lot better after his nap time. The summoning works because Mom shows up when they ask for her and she is happy to see her girls. Mom knew all along that Abby was a witness. We get a new look at what happened that day in the garage it was a demon that did it and Mom drove out to save them. Their Mom did everything she could to protect both of them. It is emotional when Mom has to leave but it seems they freed her from being stuck in purgatory.

As the group are leaving we see something big happening, Irving is escaping. Well that makes things interesting! While back in the house happy Katrina is mixing up a witches brew which she puts into a bottle but when she goes to see the baby it is not in the cradle instead down in the kitchen she finds a young boy who is hungry and calls her Mother. Well that is one way to lead into the Fall Finale.

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