Gotham Season 1, Episode 2 – Recap; Selina Kyle Meets Jim Gordon

Gotham is back for their second episode and we can only hope that it will be as strong as the start of the series. After the recap we open on young Bruce playing with fire, literally he is holding his hand over a candle and taking as much of the heat as he can. When Alfred comes in he has his hand behind his back and tries to hide what he is doing, but Alfred has him show his hand which is burned. Alfred blows up calling him a stupid little boy and grabbing him hard, then hugging him and saying that he is sorry and tells him that it is going to be alright.

Meanwhile, our cat girl is playing with a necklace when a curious looking truck shows up. Patty and Doug some curious, do gooders show up and offer food, which Cat does not have any interest in but all the other homeless move in for like it is the first meal they have had in days and it probably is. That is when Patty stabs one of the boy in the neck followed slowly by the rest of the kids and all of them drop like flies once she does, but one boy gets away and Doug shoots an older man who got up to help the kids presumably. With Patty saying “Oh fudge” and Doug chasing down the runner who he needs up putting through a window in a restaurant, whoops.

When the daylight hours arrive Gordon is down at the site where the man was shot, he finds out the man is a Veteran and it seems to affect him greatly. Cat is watching him and seems curious. Gordon wants to give the man the proper time and respect he deserves to find his killer and his no good partner says three hours and lets knock off its been a long shift. When a uniform shows up and mentions the kid going through the window as his reason for being late Gordon does not put two and two together right away, although he has tried by asking some questions before him and the uniform cop get into a fight.

Back at the station Gordon and his partner are interviewing the kid who says what happened with the shooting and the kids getting kidnapped and how he ended up going through a window. The cops seem dubious about the fact that she used a pin even if it was a big pin. The kid also points out that street kids have been disappearing for weeks and that no one cares. Hyper partner says he is going to beat the kid if he doesn’t tell the truth while Gordon pulls him away. At least Gordon picks up on the kid having said ask Cat she saw the whole thing. The partners end up having a pushing match, they are not agreeing at all, well, whatever good we saw last week is gone this week. Could have something to do with his partner having him “kill” someone. The shift ends with partner kicking another cop right in the balls. Anger issues much?

Meanwhile, at the Gotham city limits Oswald is limping along on the roadway and trying to hitch a ride on the way. The guys who pick him do the stop and start thing for him several times and then spray him in the face with some air freshener and make him put down a window. They do give him a beer though, and Oswald looks happy until one of the guys says has anyone ever told you that when you walk you look just like a penguin. This sets Oswald off, he breaks a bottle and stabs the guy in the neck.

Back at Gotham PD Gordon and partner (yes, I know he has a name but the guy bugs this writer, so for now hes partner) are meeting with the Chief. The Chief is with the program and therefor wants Gordon to go along with the beating parts. Ed is lurking as the boys talk about the kidnapping, when Ed comes in he says they found high levels of ATP in the boy’s blood. It is a fast acting knock out drug that was used at Arkham asylum. Gordon wants to warn the public and the Chief says no. Then partner says that the issue happened on Fish’s turf and they have to see if it’s safe to go back or if she is still mad at them.

While at Fish’s club the other bad guy in town shows up for a meeting and is supplied quickly with wine. He spoke with her man Cobblepot and there is a problem with the Wayne’s having been killed since Falcone and Wayne were pillars in the same house. Falcone then also says that Cobblepot said that Fish called him old and soft, she denies it of course but we know she did say that. Falcone says lets forget all about it but something in his eyes says he doesn’t believe her. Falcone very easily ferrets out her lover and has him beaten and likely killed in-front of her, while saying thank you for being honest with me, once Falcone leaves Fish makes everyone leave.

Oswald’s Mother reports her son missing and is meeting with the other detective team. They try to find out who wants to do her son harm, but the Mom thinks its a woman. Detectives know he was killed and well since they are some decent ones it seems they want to get to the bottom of it. While Fish in her grieving, says she plans to kill Falcone with her bare hands and teeth, Butch says he will hold her shoes. Fish also wishes that little penguin was still alive so that she could make him suffer more funny, he is still alive of course Fish does not know that.

Oswald meanwhile, drives up to a farm house and finds a trailer for rent $100 a month and hands the cash over right away to the owner. He has some bodies wrapped up in the back of the cab, farmer seems to miss that he is only concerned about the hemi.

Gordon and his partner head down to meet with Fish and she says she is not still angry that she would have regretted them being killed. They try to get the information while Fish is pushing on Gordon saying she is upset that he was not as straight as she thought. The one thing they do find out is that the kids are being shipped overseas and no one knows what they are used for. Gordon shares some stuff with his lovely girlfriend and she thinks something is up. His girlfriend then calls the newspaper and makes an a tip call while Gordon says she shouldn’t have done that it’s between them when he talks.

Back in the Gotham PD the Chief is going haywire about the newspaper having the story. Gordon says he didn’t call it in, which we know is true, he is just leaving out part of it. Meanwhile the goody team is down at a pharmacy and says they are going to take the Merch away, but the old man who runs the place wants more money. The drugs get applied to one of his goons and the cops show up. Gordon and partner are having a chat about Barbra calling the paper and women in general before they go in, this of course gives lady nice looks time to come up with a plan. Gordon picks up on the nerves, but not fast enough as Patty shuts the lights off and gunfire erupts letting the goodies get away. Gordon saves the kids from sure death or what was going to help them next and they get a lovely press conference for it. The children of the city including Cat are essentially arrested and locked up with no trial, which Gordon sees.

Alfred goes to see Gordon at work and he is asking for Gordon’s help in dealing with Bruce and his issues. Meanwhile the arrested kids, including cat are being taken in and booked when Patty turns out to be the bus driver. So now all the kids have been kidnapped and suddenly the mayor is busting into the chief’s office about it. Pharmacy guy is getting beaten and Gordon doesn’t care he finally gives them something about a logo.

Patty and Doug are unloading the kids and come up one short that one happens to be Cat and she is trying to hide on the bus. She manages to successfully hide from Patty and get away as the pair congratulate themselves for doing well. Gordon figures out the logo is not a plate and fork, but a trident and head out. Back in the warehouse one of their guys has been scratched badly his eyes right out, go Cat! Bad news is now Patty and Doug are on her trail. Cat almost hides again, but she drops her necklace Patty is about to kill her when Gordon shows up and saves her.

After saving the kids Gordon goes down to meet with Alfred and gets the news about how Bruce is being raised. Trust him to choose his own course. When Bruce comes in on the conversation he says that Gordon is there to talk sense into him. Bruce says he is perfectly fine, but that Alfred is a worrywart, he is honest about what he did to his hand. Bruce says that he is testing himself and appreciates the concern. Bruce then wants to give the children money when Gordon tells him that isn’t how it works, Bruce continues wanting to do something for them.

To wrap things up we have Cat demand to speak with Gordon and Oswald gets a call on a cell phone that isn’t his. Sounds like he is trying to get some ransom money for the one live captive he has. The kids, Mom does not believe him and thinks her Son is playing a trick on her, well that won’t end well. Gordon meets with Cat and Cat says she has been watching him and that he is a friend of Bruce’s and not like everyone else. She then tells him that she saw who really killed the Wayne’s that she saw them clear as day.

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