Gotham Recap – Season 01 Episode 9: Harvey Dent

Another Monday and back into the streets of Gotham we find Jim taking Cat back to his and Barbra’s place to find a note. Turns out to be a Dear Jim letter, although she does not say she is breaking up with him only going away for a while but it is enough to upset him. Cat helps herself to some milk and she is very concerned about where she is going to stay turns out Jim is going to take her to Wayne manor. Alfred is not impressed with the plan, but Bruce has made his decision and what he says goes.

The GPD is moving an important criminal. No talking, no touching nothing apparently he can blow things up with match shavings and apple cider vinegar. To make things worse, we clearly see him spit something out of his mouth while the cops do not see him. Well, that is going to end badly. The cop finally sees him doing something with his hand and when he removes the covering finds origami that’s when a car arrives smashes into the cop vehicle kills all of the guards.

Jim and his new friends head down to meet with an ADA they trust and who should it be? Well Harvey Dent of course. It would be so fun to want to like him, but we know what happens to Harvey in the end, for now though he is doing good and trying to get kids off the streets and out of trouble. Harvey also has an idea of who might have gone after the Wayne’s some business man named Lovecraft. Harvey even uses the word dickens, oh Harvey.

Back at the office another Harvey was worried that Jim would not be showing up and he would have to work the bomb springing case by himself. Meanwhile, in other parts of the city Oswald is looking rather bored and when looking around an apartment he is trying to find out what Fish’s girl is up to. We know he is a little creeper and he is not missing anything as he looks around, he smells her perfume and her bed clothes and ends up taking the clothes after saying lilacs. The girl arrives home and of course right away gets the creepy feeling and notices her clothing is gone but Oswald is already gone.

Jim and Harvey are meeting with the escaped convicts Brother and we find out that apparently the bombings, he started off not aiming to hurt anyone. That he has had mental problems his entire life and the Brother says that his Brother is not a bad man that he is sick there is a difference. We see him making a bomb as his brother talks and while doing it he puts the plate from where he is being held into the bomb. Well done for him trying to help the cops out even if it means people are going to be killed.

Bruce is trying to impress Cat because it is clear that he likes her, even offering for Alfred to buy her some more clothes. He continues to pepper her with questions and she is clearly uncomfortable, but trying to understand things about him as he is also trying to understand her. She gets upset when he asks about her parents, however and makes a run for it. Alfred ends up calling Jim and saying that it won’t work out because Cat is a tough nut but Jim begs for him to keep an eye on her still.

Oswald takes himself on down to meet with Fish and he looks very smug about it. He of course claims he is just trying to be friendly and then he sniffs Fish and smells the lilacs. Well, it looks like he is putting two and two together, although Fish can hardly be the only woman in the world who likes lilac perfume. Fish does not seem concerned, saying forget him, he’s nothing.

Our geek boy Ed sneaks up and wants to know if any of our guys play video games. While they are annoyed with him and think he plays weird games they do thank him for finding something important the name plate. They of course head down to the factory and find the new crafting. When they arrive he is making a new bomb, but he helps them giving them as much information about the Russians as possible. The Russians show up and there is a pretty nasty shoot out as the cops get pinned down and they make off with the bomb maker again.

Bruce and Cat have a moment where Bruce says he felt he did nothing and Cat assures him that there is nothing he could have done. That is when Cat starts sharing about her Mom first she is an entertainer who gets paid millions then she is a secret agent and will come back for Cat. After that bit Cat decides to ask if Bruce would like to kiss a girl, but Alfred breaks in with school time.

Harvey Dent goes forward with his plan against the business man and we get to see some of that two face nature while he’s doing it. The man does not play ball so Harvey says he will rip him open. Well, that is one way to get your point across. Fish in the meantime is the one who is controlling the Russians now. While back in the cop department, Ed is blowing things up, he is able to tell the team that the stuff that was stolen at the first bombing is only good for one purpose blowing up Iron. They put two and two together and find decide that the old armory is the only place that has an Iron vault door anymore.

While at the armory our bomb maker blows the safe door in a nice clean way and there is all of Falcon’s money. Okay, maybe not all but that is a lot of it. When the cops move in to save the bomb boy, there is a tense stand off until we here some music ringing, a ring tone Fish and her boy had a back up plan of course the truck gets blown up.

Cat starts a food fight back at Wayne Manor. Letting Bruce know that if he hits her, she will let him kiss her. Alfred comes in and at first he looks like he is going to start yelling about what is going on but he sees what fun Bruce is having with Cat and makes a fast line for the door when Jim calls. He even admits that she is a breath of fresh air.

Oswald has let himself into our girls home. He of course puts it out there that what if I told him you were spying for Fish. Oswald knows where to press the right buttons and of course gets her to all but confess and of course we can guess he will get her to work for him. While at her club Fish is not upset at all about the money being blown up and all of the men being dead. The whole point was apparently to hurt Falcon and that is what she did.

The Mayor gets on his stumping block and all of the insane inmates are being sent off to Arkham including our new bomb boy. Oh, don’t you wish you could tell them to be careful about that one. Jim makes a call to Barbara and begs her to come back to him. She it turns out is in bed with the female Detective. Ouch. Sorry Jim.

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