Once Upon a Time: “No Ordinary Family” Recap

Another week of once upon a time and we open on a dark and hurried time. The Ogre wars with Belle and her Mom quickly grabbing books and shoving them into crates as they prepare to fly away from their castle. It is then however that that ogres show up and trap the duo into their own castle. Sadly, as they hide an ogre finds them, Belle awakens screaming for her Mother. It seems her Mother is dead and now she does not remember what happened.

When she tries to find out her Father gets very angry and insists she shall not go anywhere. Belle has other ideas however and she is off to Arendell. Back in the modern day Belle finds Rumple and brings him to Emma and the rest of the group in town.

They are trying to decide how it is she knew the Snow Queen and was of course in her foster home. That is when Henry brings up that they could find what is being hidden in the ice cream truck. Hey kids notice ice cream trucks. The group takes off to find the truck. Belle does not want to go tracking she instead wants to go into the library and gets very nervous when Elsa mentions joining her.

Belle is keeping a big secret! In the library Elsa is trying to find anything about her land while Belle hides a map from her and says she isn’t familiar with Anna or the map. Back in Arendell Elsa is practicing her magic and holding a beautiful snowflake when Anna arrives him and they embrace happily. Anna fibs about not finding anything in the enchanted forest, but then she notices that there is no flurries or anything chilly around the room as they talk about their parents.

Elsa is happy to tell her about how she has been learning to control her powers and then the evil one appears and says she has been training Elsa. Anna is skeptical and says that their Mother never told her about a Sister and as credentials Ingrid the evil one shows off her snowflake power too.

Anna goes to talk to Kristoff and Sven and there is a cute conversation between the two addressing the worries and how Anna wanted to be with Hans the day she met him. Very cute tie ins! Anna is off to visit Grandpabi and Kristoff agrees to keep an eye on Elsa while she is gone. He is such a good and supportive man.

Anna heads off and finds herself. The search party finds the evil ice queens truck near the merry men’s camp. While Regina comments that it is bad enough she has to deal with Emma and Capatin Guyliner making eyes at each other! Great line and not untrue. Once in the truck it is stripped save for one freezer when they break into it they find a whole folder full of information on Emma. While Elsa is getting upset in the library and flurries are everywhere.

Belle tries to help her and comfort her, letting her know they will find Anna they heard her heart beat. Belle, of course while doing that is still hiding her secret. Elsa is trying very hard to keep it together as Belle heads out of the library saying she has something she has to take care of and they will find Anna.

Meanwhile, in Arendell Belle is at Oaken’s when Anna come’s in and gets a Yoo-hoo. Can this writer just say how adorable it is they brought this character to life and kept that little bit! He is a nice and funny man and his shop looks just like it did in the movie, right down to the Sauna, which once Belle makes friends with Anna, who says she can take her to the rock trolls he offers “Any friend of Anna’s half off for the Sauna.”.

While back at the ice truck Regina is having some trouble with Robin and they have a discussion. Regina tells him that she has tried everything she knows that nothing is good enough to break the spell.

Robin says he has faith and Regina goes on to tell him that he will have to forget about her and find a way to fall in love with his Wife again and then she walks away. Hey am I the only one who wondered what happened to finding the Author of the story book? What happened to her and Henry doing that?

Meanwhile Rumple has a conversation with the Ice Queen and they trade some banter back and forth and that Emma finding what she found was all part of the Queens plan. She gives Rumple a warning to stay out of her way saying that he has no leverage.

Belle is going crazy digging things apart in the house and says, “Don’t worry, Anna I will find you.” before we go back to Arendell and the two of them are walking together. Sharing about having lost their Mother’s. When they come to the big mountain it is time to climb and in another scene cute from the movies Anna gets up a little ways and does it completely wrong and falls down, Belle helps her and there’s some talk about Kristoff making it look easy before the hat appears from Anna’s bag and she tells Belle about how she stole it but gives no name.

While back in Storybrooke Belle tries to get Rumple to go with her but will not give him any information other then she is going after the Ice Queen. He says he will not and does not want her to, so she anthropologically has to use the dagger to get him to do it. We don’t know if its the real one or not as she commands him, but he goes with better not to get found out right? Hook and Emma find out the Ice Queen has all her art and cards and all sorts of things and it gives them a little bit more information as to what was going on, they also find a scroll in a different language.

While at the cave, Belle orders Rumple to keep a look out and heads into the cave. Belle tells him what she is going after, we know that he has it of course, but in she goes to press the Ice Queen into telling her where Anna is.

While the travelers head and find the rock trolls. Grandpabi wants to know the new wedding date as he has been working on his speech. They waste no time, however getting into what Belle is there for and it takes Grandpabi no time to extract something from Belle and give her a stone with instructions about getting the memories back. Anna also gets the information about her family that she did not have, about there being a total of three sisters who disappeared and were wiped from all records because of the upset it caused.

Anna gets upset and knows she has to warn Elsa and the pair hurry off together. A storm brews on the way back for Belle and Anna and they end up losing their footing on the mountain Anna is hanging off the side and Belle is reaching for her magic stone. Belle chooses the stone over helping Anna right away but the stone falls away anyway, by the time she goes to help Anna it is to late and she falls.

The Ice Queen arrives takes the hat and disappears with the unconscious Anna. In the cave Belle hears someone calling her name and she goes to pull a cover off something, it turns out to be that creepy dark mirror that the Ice Queen put together and inside of it is Belle. The mirror Belle starts to berate the real one about what happened with Anna and then goes into talking about Rumple and how she is foolish to think that the dagger is real.

Real Belle begins to believe what is being said when Rumple comes in to tell her that the Queen is coming. Belle ends up slashing him with the dagger in her upset, but he gets her under control and transports them back to the shop. Belle is still angry and she unloads all of her worries and how she commanded him to stay outside. He reminds her that she commanded him to keep watch then came to find her. Belle collapse and is upset and sorry and tells him the truth about Anna, Rumple embraces her and forgives her. Well, he should after all the mirror Belle was right.

When Belle in her land gets back to her Father’s castle, she is upset and says she made a mistake. Her Father, however says it was he who made a mistake and that he knows what happened during the attack. He tells her what happened, Belle’s Mother was a her and stood in the path of the Ogre’s to keep Belle safe. The guards were able to pull Belle to safety, but when they came back her Mother had already been killed.

Belle is upset to hear the Ogre’s have come to the road and doesn’t agree with her Father that the soldiers are the way to win the war. It won’t be won that way, she has read about Rumple and she, unlike her Father is willing to sacrifice to save her land and people. Back in Storybrooke Rumple again comes to the Queen and says the mirror is a problem. He says he will not allow her to hurt those he cares about and she has one warning. The evil one still thinks she has the leverage, that is until Rumple takes the hat out and shows it to her. We then see a change in tune with the evil Ice Queen.

Another flash to Arendell shows Anna in jail and the evil Ice Queen is trying to turn it into Anna wanting to strip Elsa of her powers. The plan was for a new family just the three of them, but when Anna became a problem she was kicked out of the plan and Ingrid has to find a different third. Well, now we know what she wants with Emma.

The final scene in Storybrooke shows that Elsa found a book of heraldry and sees that she is related to the Ice/Snow Queen along with the other sister. Helga the other Aunt looks just like Emma, and it begins to become clear why she is looking for Emma. While Elsa is able to read the scroll it is a prophecy about Emma being the savior and that the Savior will become Ingrid’s Sister. Belle then breaks in and tearfully tells Elsa what she has been hiding. She then also tells everyone about the mirror and the spell that is coming, called The Spell of Shattered sight. Cue the big music because it

will make everyone but the three Ingrid wants turn on each other. Another strong week with this season’s story telling! Once upon a time seems to be getting better as each week passes this year. The storyline with frozen is much cleaner and sharper with interest in it than last seasons Wicked plot.

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