‘Scandal’ Recap: Did Jake Really Kill Jerry & Harrison? – Episode 5

We have hit week 5 of Scandal and things are off and running in the hotspot from the get go. In Prison. The team is clearly working up a case that looks to include some fairly high ranking individuals.

Olivia also ends up telling baby Huck that she is pretty sure that her boyfriend is avoiding her. While the team is watching they see a woman get assaulted and so they call the cops, but while they wait for the cops the woman is shot right as they watch.

The downside is that the scene is very clean looks like a pro job. The incident really seems to have affected Olivia and she asks how long it would have been until it was known that girl was dead, Huck starts to explain but Olivia did not actually want to know.

Fitz still has Jake and is clearly avoiding going to the residence. Melly is there he says and the bottom line is, the President doesn’t want to go to sleep and so his staff has not gone to sleep.

Cyrus says it will likely take a less constitutional form of interrogation to get a confession, but Fitz says it needs to be by the book. Meanwhile Olivia again tries to call Jake and leaves a message on his voice mail. She has no idea of course that he has been arrested. It is then that her Dad stops by with some wine.

They have some Father Daughter moments and Olivia says she thinks something happened to him. Dad of course plays dumb and says, “What could happen to a man like Jake.”

While Jake is being interrogated, he has refused food and water. He also happens to be in his happy place on the island. He nicely tells the man who keeps asking him, “Why did you give the order to kill the president’s son, ” he goes into a speech about how is being polite how they have talked about the rules of the game he wants to see the President and will talk to no one put the President. He reminds the guy the handcuffs are a suggestion to him and to be quiet.

When the guy doesn’t Jake kicks out and tips the guy’s chair but nothing else. They seem to have forgotten the rules of secret killer spies.

Liv and the team are still working on the case they have been assigned and now trying to find the man who killed the woman. Turns out that the woman (Faith) has a key that is wanted by the other people. There is a lot of deep plot going on in this one, and one has to wonder what is so important about the key. When Liv confronts the man who’s Daughter was killed says he doesn’t know anything about it.

David makes a drunk dial call to Abby and tries to get a booty call. Random in all of the things going on but amusing if nothing else. A watcher has to wonder if they aren’t grasping at straws to keep her on the show because her scenes seem a bit lopsided.

Meanwhile Liv calls and says Jake has five minutes to call her back or she will assume something bad has happened to him. Huck is watching his family when Liv calls and asks him to find Jake. While Huck’s ex comes out and confronts him and tells him not to come back. You have to feel for Huck it really was not his fault at all. Maybe she will believe him at some point.

Huck finds where Jake last was before he stopped answering his phone, of course that was the President’s office. Liv calls Fritz right away and he does take the call and then he avoids her. Liv senses something is up and then she shouts do you have Jake and hangs up. Liv call back to talk to Cyrus and is avoided again she then calls Abby.

Meanwhile Fitz is going to where Jake is being held. Abby of course refuses to take orders or help Liv. Well, at least we can see a solid scene with her and Liv for a moment, but still does not make a whole lot of sense.

Meanwhile a table and food is brought into Jake and he says the interrogator should stand and that he should stand for the President. Then Fitz comes in and is looking over the file as Jake tells him some of the story. Then Fitz basically orders him to eat and says you need to be fully hydrated and fed when you sign your confession. Jake stops eating.

He really seemed to believe that Fitz would believe him. The stand off comes to a giggle fit when Fitz says when you got back from your trip with Liv. Jake stresses to Fitz that he is one of the good guys, a white hat and that is why Liv loves Fitz. That is why she also loves Jake too. Then tells him to go see that he did not kill Jerry. After looking like he will hit him for a minute he leaves.

Huck gets confronted again by his Ex but she finally agrees to let him see his Son which is what he wants. Back in the white house Smelly drunk Melly comes down all upset because Fitz is not there to go visit their Sons grave and verbally abuses the admin staff about it.

Baby Huck Quinn replays the murder over and over in her head, then goes to wrap a present for Huck and tells him she thinks its on the body. Then she breaks into the morgue and cuts into the body like you do. Her little break and enter turns up the key that Faith swallowed.

When Huck shows up all nice and dressed with his present instead of his Son he is brought to a Doctor. He chokes the Doctor in his upset about his Son not even being there. He is most upset about the woman lying to him. The poor guy just wants to see his Son and he went through a lot of trouble. Meanwhile Cyrus shows up at Liv’s place and says that Red doesn’t know anything and it will remain that way. Cyrus of course gives her the details that Jake killed Jerry and Harrison though we know it was Tom. Cyrus wants nothing more than to dance on Jake’s grave and reminds Liv that he came as a courtesy and it is a classified matter and the last they will speak of it. Liv of course goes to confront her Father with all the evidence. Her Dad of course turns it all on Jake and some of it also on Liv.

When Quinn comes back with the key she finds Huck very upset and works on getting him to talk about it. He finally tells Quinn that his Ex does not believe her and never will even though he told her the truth. He keeps repeating that he told her the truth.

When Fitz arrives back at the white house to Melly in the oval office, she of course, thinks he was off screwing Liv instead of going to see their Son. That forces him to tell her I was at the Pentagon trying to get a confession out of our Sons killer. That shocks Melly into silence. While Fitz says we have to stop doing this to ourselves. When Melly asks him to tell her he gives her some details, but not all that she wants. Turns out Melly thinks that it helps and says that their Son’s death was meaningful. Fitz does not seem to agree with that. He in fact kicks her out of his office and never wants her to talk to him about their Son again.

David all drunk goes and tells Abby how the files made him a winner. He used them to kill a man. The judge, he says he was trying to be Liv and killed him. That sends Abby over to Liv’s in a rage. She of course blames her and says that she ruined David. Only after she rants does she ask Liv,what is wrong. Liv says that Jake killed Harrison, she does not think it’s true but there is proof. Liv is clearly torn apart by it. The good side is that Abby hugs her and it seems that maybe it will mend their friendship.

Meanwhile Melly gets rid of the smelly clothes and has a hot shower and seems to be feeling some better. Fitz goes on down to talk to Jake again. When Jake denies killing Jerry Fitz hits him and the beating continues every time he says you are a pawn and being played. Jake pushes his buttons about Liv and that makes the beating harder, kind of proving the point he was making. Looks like POTUS has gone off the deep end.

A good episode, though overall a little conflicting we still don’t know the big deal about this mysterious key which killed two women and put one in jail but perhaps next week. This one ran a little hot and cold.

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