Constantine Season 01 Episode 6 Recap: “Rage of Caliban” Review

After last weeks adventure in Voodoo and a truce that is now over you would think that nothing would be surprising.

Well that is not the case with Constantine. We open up on a lot yelling and screaming and when we look into the nice house we find collapsed brick After last week’s adventure in Voodoo and a truce that is now over you would think that nothing would be surprising. Well, that is not the case with Constantine.

We open up on a lot yelling and screaming and when we look into the nice house we find a collapsed brick fireplace with a woman under it and following a blood stream there is a man floating in the air tortured, when he begs please no more he is dropped and we see a young girl who looks startled but not completely surprised. So here we have something big going on. The cops have arrived and when the nice female cop and her partner start arguing the little girl’s eyes turn black and she breaks a coffee cup. Well, we know who might have done the killing.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location alarms are going off and John is being pushed and swatted awake by a woman. Turns out the woman he picked up has a boyfriend, whoops well done John. When he gets back to his usual place he is trying to eat breakfast, but Chaz won’t let him have any until he picks a place to go and away they go to Alabama. John breaks into the nice house that has been marked as a crime scene and starts literally sniffing like a bloodhound, then he licks some of the blood on the wall, yuck. The Angel shows up while John is working and starts talking about battle plans, which does not seem to amuse John at all.

With the Angel not helping John continues to go about his work and while he does he starts to get results. After saying a spell using some paper smoke the scene starts to recreate where the mug broke. He sees that the girl was possessed and that is why she survived the attack because the spirit inside of her was the attacker. He also knows that now the spirit will be looking for someone new to posses a new child. While somewhere a boy screams in the middle of the night before Halloween.

Sure he sees someone in his room, while his Mom tries to comfort him, Dad or step Dad only seems to prod the situation on. Not long after everyone goes to bed again the spirit arrives and has the boy screaming again. By the time the adults arrive the boy says, “I am sorry I don’t know why I screamed. You can go back to bed now. I am feeling much better you’ll see.” in that tone of voice that says something is not normal.

John, meanwhile is in a bar again, but luckily for him its for a better reason than just picking up a woman. He has a contact who brings him information on the girl whose parents died and not just her, but a series of murders that spans 35 years. It is always the parents who are killed and the child survives, the question that John has is if any of the kids involved remember the name of the spirit that took him over. Luckily for him one of the oldest cases is nearby in the mental hospital.

Turns out the boy was abused and that might be a link for John to follow on the spirit. Bad news for John is that the guy is pretty much catatonic.

Meanwhile the new kid who has been taken over is up to something in the dark. His Dad or step Dad has been awoken by sounds in the dark and now the kid is creepily knocking a light bulb on the floor. The rest of the bulbs have been laid out on the floor and Dad (the boy finally addresses him as Dad!) steps all over the bulbs, then he gets the warning to be careful.

The next morning there is some creepy stuff going on when the boy is on his way to school and a big nasty dog starts barking at him, he manages to get it to submit just by staring at him. If that was not enough back at home Henry does not remember his favorite snack of pumpkin seeds and when its pumpkin carving time he does the carving himself, which is just a bunch of exploded looking pumpkins. Mom scolds him and takes the knife back then head into the house and a bird is sent flying into the sliding glass door. Looks like the spirit is getting restless and angrier.

John uses some frankincense to track the spirit to the right house and the next day he follows the boy to school. A bully starts picking on Henry and John tries to alert the teacher to the issue going on but the teacher only cares about asking what’s in his trench coat and if he has a child at the school. This of course does not help and the bully ends up getting shoved into a wheeling merry go round and hurt very bad.

John heads in pretending to be the school counselor then he holds out mandrake root and it goes flying. Dad of course gets angry as John tries to explain that their Son is possessed and in the end he gets decked and sent to prison. The Angel shows up in jail and pushes Johns buttons on purpose, but he is trying to help John knows how to save the child, remember what it is like to be a child.

Meantime, back at the house Henry’s parents are fighting and that causes the spirit to lash out and blow things up in his bedroom. When Mom and Dad go and check on him, he asks if they are going to hurt him. Mom thinks she saw black eyes and this leads her to go to the jail and spring John.

They talk some about the choices at hand and Mom is willing to do whatever it takes to get her son back. John verifies that she is a Doctor and when he flash forward Mom has a needle and syringe with her. She tells Henry that it is just some vitamins, but he falls asleep and Mom heads out to the place John found the home of the first possession victim.

The house has some pretty bad energy, but you can hardly blame the house for it. The abuse that happened to the first victim and of course the murders. John finds the room where the murders happened and they begin the summoning. It takes some doing the spirit does not want to come willingly, but with hands firmly clenched they keep calling out, but when they think a spirit is coming it turns out to be a three legged deer. With the summoning having failed the only choice left now is exorcism and John is scared to do one after what happened to Astra.

When John and the Mom arrive home an argument starts up between Mom and Dad and John finds out it is conflict that is the trigger. Henry runs off and crushes Chaz on his way out, but John is in pursuit. He follows Henry right into a haunted house of course. After an argument with a spirit that puts a lot of pain into John he finally names the spirit. Turns out the spirit was not that of a dead person, but of a living one, the first possession was not one at all but the killer and his soul fled the body after what he did. John sent it back. Well done for him and a great episode that is showing us just how dark times are getting.

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