‘Horrible Bosses 2′ Review – It’s Truly Horrible – Contains Spoilers!

The three idiots who tried to kill their bosses are back and once again they are up to no good. The movie starts out simple enough, they are trying to promote their own business. Dale, Nick and Kurt have invited a shower tool that allows you to wash your hair and everything else without having to worry about all the different bottles you normally would.

Their spot on TV does not go so well when the combination of their names together they thought was cool and fun turns out to be racist and of course we all laugh at their idiocy in never having said the name out loud before.

Thanks to the big name issue they have not been able to get any investors in their very cool product. That is of course until they get a phone call, a product catalog guru wants to meet with them so of course the three idiots take the meeting, all while using Katy Perry’s Roar as their power song for business. The hilarity ensues when they go to the meeting and we meet Rex, played by Chris Pine.

He is your typical slick, smooth sales guy trying to stick it to them by buying them out for a one time payment which of course they deny until he mentions it was going to be a 3 million dollar payment, then sends them on their way because they said no. Until his Dad steps in and places an order for 100,000 units.

It all goes well, we see the trio in a happy place as they grow their business and make their product. Then when they go to deliver the product Rex’s Dad says he is canceling the order. They got no payment upfront their loan is going to be due and then the company will be auctioned off and he gets it for a cheap price. Ouch. Rex laughs at his Dads genius and of course the three get angry.

This is the same three who tried to kill their bosses when they got mad last time and that is on the choice list until after arguing, more jokes and using a sharpie on a dry erase board they instead decide to kidnap Rex. The long and short of that ends up being they do not kidnap him, in fact, he kidnaps himself because he found them in his closet after they gassed themselves with laughing gas.

The bottom line is that Horrible Bosses 2 really is a comedic jackpot and this reviewer found herself laughing nearly the entire time she was in the theater. It is dirty and crude in points and of course outlandish, but you go in knowing that these are going to be things you find in this movie.

The flow is great and we get a really nice blend of visiting some of the characters from the first film (Jennifer Aniston’s sex crazed dentist and Kevin Spacey’s mean boss who is in prison) as well as new bad guys like Rex and Bert (Christoph Waltz). While the general format of the movie is certainly not new, the gags, pranks and overall branding has a nice fresh coat of paint. I mean, where else are you going to see Captain Kirk hit himself in the face and laugh about it?

Perhaps the biggest question you will have while watching Horrible Bosses 2 is how do these guys actually manage to do anything related to business at all? Nick, who is presumably the smart one even had his issues and well he goes along with the other two dummies. It is comedy gold for us, but you can’t help shake your head once in a while as you laugh and say, “Really? Do guys really thinking hiring only big boobed pretty girls with no experience is going to help you run your company?”

Without giving away to many spoilers Sufism to say that Rex sets out, of course to screw the boys over. Once they have gone through an elaborate plan on how to get the ransom money dropped off, it all goes pear shaped. Who is there to rescue the threesome? Well, MF Jones of course and that is a whole different ball of laughs as he drives his El Camino through the streets of Los Angeles and they do things such as wait for a really long train and the cops, drive through a fence and take it with them and go right off a bridge.

If you want to spend your time after you have stuffed yourself full of turkey, laughing Horrible Bosses 2 should be your stop for the movies this weekend. It is none stop jokes from the opening moments right up until the credits where they show you some outtakes as they name the stars within the film.

It is not often that a comedy sequel can live up to the first film let alone beat it, however I think that has happened with Horrible Bosses 2. The team raised the bar for themselves and with another Horrible Boss off to jail have left themselves some wiggle room if they decide to make a third!

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