Gotham Recap, Episode 4 – ‘Arkham’

Monday nights seem to have taken on a new and easier feel when we can delve into Gotham. After all, hard to feel bogged down by your life and work when we see what Gordon has to slog through right? As if to add to that theory, we pick up where we left last week Oswald at Gordon’s home using the fake name of Peter. When they are down and out of the house Gordon is angry and slams Oswald against a wall and says that he should have killed him. That he should put a bullet in his head right now, but Oswald says that he knows he won’t because he is a good man and he wants to help. He reminds him again of the coming war and how he would like to be an Agent for Jim.

Meanwhile a councilman is cornered by a man who wants to show him something. When he hands over the little gadget the device shoots the guard in the eye when he looks into it and stabs the councilman in the chest though he is able to make a run for it. The run doesn’t last long as he ends up getting cornered and shot in the eye as well.

The big case, of course, gets kicked to Jim and his partner. While Fish is auditioning another singer for her club and the woman says that she is willing to do anything. Fish then wants her to pretend to be a boy and seduce. Then they still have to keep looking. Apparently, Fish is looking for a weapon.

Back at the Gotham PD we have partner and Gordon interviewing a suspect and Gordon keeps him from getting a beat down. While the Mayor is giving another press conference this time it is about Arkham and how they plan to tear the old one down and build a new state of the art one. He is saying that this was the Wayne plan and it is best for the city and the people, one can’t help but feel like he has something else planned. Gordon goes and talks to Alfred for information about the Wayne plan, who tells him that the plan is the Wayne plan in name only. Bruce gives some touching words about how the words used were his Mothers and he wants Gordon to get things stopped. That is when a call comes through another man has been taken. Our friendly unknown killer has taken him and this time he wheels him out to Arkham and sets him on fire, while giving a speech about how his customer is the one who wants a message sent not him.

With Gordon knowing so much his partner ends up asking him how he knows so much already. They are interrupted by the lab geek, however who is letting them know that there is a puncture wound that is the same on the murder guys and that it is not the usual overall. Partner man chuckles some and says only in Gotham as they head off to see a friend of his, chances are a shady friend. While back in the restaurant, Oswald gets spotted snooping and ends up sniveling and begging apologies.

Turns out partners guy is in jail and he knows exactly about the weapon. Gives them a name, the name of Gladwell that he is a real pro and sends them off to midtown. They take off right away to a nice place and apparently they just missed Mr. Gladwell, he had to see them coming in the door. Jim goes looking and almost gets himself spiked. On the hunt, they almost shoot an office girl, but find a paper that says C.L.M.

Down in other parts of troublesome Gotham a whole bunch of bad guys get shot in the head and chest and the money is gone. What they find in the freezer is a little shaky Oswald with some of the money. The other bad guy who arrived seem happy about this and tell him to relax and save it for the boss.

Gordon goes home and his Lady is shocked to see him home early. She is stressed and worried and Barbra confronts him about Cobblepot she seems to think he is lying to her He is of course in some ways, but not the ways she seems to think, since the man showed up at their door. Gordon turns it around and ass why the other detective keeps coming to see her, but the fess up comes that they were in a relationship. Gordon gets angry, but not because it was a woman it was because Barbra lied to him.
Oswald gets sent out to meet with the Don and is told that what he did was not unnoticed, he did a good job. Oswald no longer has to wash dishes he is promoted to the restaurant manger, because the position is open due to the last one being dead. The Don also buys him a suit.

Turns out the real Gladwell has been dead for 5 years they found a moldy old corpse at his address. No one found him because the rent was always paid on time. Gordon says they will find another lead and his partner and him have another little argument about it. They end up going two ways with Goardon saying, “Hey Harvey tell her I said Hi.”

Fish is still auditioning girls and finds one that can sing though not overly well and she’s very nice to look at. Turns out the job is to do whatever it takes to have it all, once again, she prefers boys and Fish says to seduce her. Fish seems to have a thing for being seduced, however the new girl does a lot better than the first one did going in for a seductive kiss. The walking away as Harvey enters and asks for help. We get a little hint that Fish might be behind some of this.

While Oswald makes a call to Gordon and tips him in on the next hit. He can’t tell him who it is going to be yet, but that it will happen tonight. You have to wonder what game he is playing with both sides, but I guess that will become clear. Gordon goes and gets a list of the officers who are working police protection and as it turns out the next target is the Mayor himself. Gordon heads down to the Mayor’s house and finds that the protection has left their cars. The Mayor is taking his time getting something to leave with and of course, Gladwell arrives as they hit the front door and he nails Gordon but not well enough he manages to get the Mayor going.

There is a big fight and Gordon is about to down for it, but Harvey arrives and saves him. The professional makes a big statement about finishing the job and both cops fire. Mayor of Gotham thankfully not dead. Back at the station Barbra keeps on abut Cobblepot and Gordon says that it is work and he will not make the mistake of telling her about work again. Barbra says she will not live like that and she can’t that he has to make the choice to let her in or let her go. Things don’t look so great for them.

Fish has both of her girls down at the pier and says she can’t decide. That one has the talent and one has something else and then says that the girls have to decide. That does mean of course that they have to fight for it. The girl with something else kicks the ass of the one with the talent and says, so when do I start.

Turns out Oswald was the one who hired the bad guys to rob the restaurant and he brings a treat to his cohorts. Of course, once they eat it, then they die and now Oswald has all that money.

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