Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap: Episode 4 ‘Go Where I Send Thee…’

Sleepy Hollow opens with a young girl and music. The girl leaves her large home walking into the woods in a trance like state. It snaps from there to Crane looking stern and serious talking about the war and the fact that his Son is the horseman of war. So how hard could it be to learn how to drive. Abby nails him for practicing without her because the odometer does not lie. Busted Crane. He puts the car into gear and goes up to high speeds in a short time and does some fancy driving and Abby is sure she is going to die. He wants a turbocharger in the car, oh dear, there may be a monster coming. Crane gives a touching speech to her, though how they will no bury one another that they will defeat together. Crane then gets an Amber alert about the missing girl.

The Mom is blaming herself and she thinks that her family is cursed. Abby tells her that the storm will pass, something that she was told when she was nine by the woman. Turns out she was a case worker to the girls. Abby gives her word that they will find the missing Daughter. Crane gets busted helping even though he is not supposed to be, he cares about children of course and will not sit idly by. In the woods Icabod goes on another one of his rants about how history has things wrongs. Then they find blood splatter and signs of a struggle and then they find a bone flute. When Crane starts playing it Abby starts wandering away in a dream state. That is when Crane knows who they are facing, the pide piper.

More sneaking around is done by Crane and he complains about it and we have some funny quips about him having to hide from a woman who kept trying to seduce him. The pied piper ends up being a story about a whole battalion being lured out and killed with a beautiful pipers song. Crane then talks to Abby about what kind of feelings she had while in the spell that she was feeling an urge to go somewhere. That is when the two talk and in the end they decide that they will put her in the trance again and Crane will be with her every moment. They record the sound of the flute on an iPod device so no one else will be affected. Once out in the woods Abby listens and away they go. It does not take long to find someone and they find Hawley and he is very injured. He knows about the little girl though, and says there is still time.

Our new friend has a grenade launcher in his bag and he is telling the story about what happened. It turns out that he was searching for the bone flute that it is high value. Turns out it was Daniel of the family who hired a mercenary who killed the regiment of men back during the war and that is why the family actually was cursed. Due to Daniel betraying the mercenary now every generation a 10 year old girl is lured from the family. Hawley thinks that the story is just a story, but Crane and Abby are ready to go about finding and dealing with a demon. When Abby takes out the flute she says that she will give it to Hawley only if he helps find Sarah and helps get her out as well. Crane says they cannot work with him, but Hawley is ready to go.

While in the looney bin Irving is reading the bible. As he does, he seems himself in a vision that is clearly the end of days. Then the bible sets itself on fire. Back in the woods Abby was under the spell again and it leads them to where they can hopefully find Sarah, they end up finding an old storm cellar. Down below they find a fire and a large area and Sarah, who is luckily still alive. Hawley also finds skinned animals and then a beast.

Our pied piper friend moves scarily fast and Crane goes out to help Hawley. They get Sarah free and set off some nice explosives to hopefully bury the pied piper for enough time so they can get away. Sarah says she does not remember how she got there, but Crane and Abby will get her home. Hawley just wants his flute and nothing more. Hawley is clearly upset about what he saw and talking about the end of days, but all he wants is his payment because business is booming for him. Abby takes out the flute and gives it to him, but not before she breaks it and tells him she was never going to give him a weapon that powerful intact. Smart girl she is.
Crane and Abby get Sarah home and tells the parents to stay inside that they will be safe and the trouble will be over soon. The job however has to be finished Crane and Abby go and get the ammo and a set of noise canceling ear buds. Crane also points out that Sarah’s Mom did not seem happy or relieved when they dropped off young Sarah. They find out that if the one child is not taken and killed, then all the children will die.

When they get to the house the curse is in full effect the boys are looking bad very bad. Crane breaks the window on a saber from the family. Crane then gets to drive in his crazy way while Abby tries to contact Sarah’s Mom, who has clearly gone to give up her Daughter.

Crane and Abby catch up to them in the woods and Mom has a gun. Abby tries to tell her there is another way, but she says there is no other way. That Abby can’t understand at all. Crane steps in and uses his soft touch asking her to trust them that they can make it right. She ends up giving in and allowing them to do what they need to do. She is upset clearly who would want to have to make that choice. Then the pied piper arrives to claim his prize. Crane, however is ready to dual him and Abby has her gun ready, they chase him off into the woods. Crane follows the piper and it turns out the ear buds do not seem to work against the staff that he has. Turns out he just didn’t have one in. Abby arrives and she is the one who kills the monster. No more kids for him.

Irving confronts Henry about being the horseman of War. When Irving is ready to cut him free as his lawyer Henry brings up that he will pull the funding that is helping his family and medical payments for his child who needs them. We still do not know what War wants other than that, he says he is an instrument of justice. Slowly he puts the pieces together and realizes he signed his contract in blood.

Back at the pier Crane goes on a rant about the price of his nice coffee drink with froth and enjoyment. Then he suddenly takes a sip and looks like he is in Nirvana and says he can see why it might be popular, he also ends up with a whim cream mustache.

Meanwhile Hawley has a pickup of the pipe even though it is broken. When we see the drop off, it turns out to be Henry and he never wanted it intact anyways he puts the bone in a very large mortar and starts grinding it down to dust.

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