Full Recap of Strictly Come Dancing Week 3 2014

Strictly come dancing is back on Saturday night and it was a night of glitz and glam and everything that you could possibly love. The new duo of Tess and Claudia is fantastic and there were fifteen celebrities hitting the floor with their professional partners in one night. Beyond that the celebrities knew that this week there would be voting from the public and that could lead them to the dreaded dance off. So how did this week’s dance, go? Let’s take a look.

Thom & Iveta: The show openers this week with a Salsa to Hot hot hot by Arrow . They offered a one armed lift to the judges and the public this week and that lift earned them some praise from the panel, Len offered such a quip like “popping like buttons on a tight shirt” while Bruno said “nearly blew the thermostat.”: The score awarded was: 25

Jennifer & Tristan: Waltzed to Natural woman by Aretha Franklin. The judges did not like the dance over all with Bruno saying, “the technique let you down tonight”, this writer, however thought it was alright, yes she needs some framework but overall not too bad. The score awarded was: 19

Simon & Kristina: Tangoed to like Sing by Ed Sheeran and they were an interesting couple with some electric blue flare. Sadly the judges agreed that the movements were a little mechanical throughout, but overall not bad. The score awarded was: 26

Gregg & Aliona: Charleston to Hey, good looking by Ray Charles Bruno said it was “a lovely fluffy éclair but you over-loaded the topping” . This writer thought it as all gimmick and very little flair. The score awarded was: 18

Alison & Aljaz: Foxtrot to I just want to make love to you by Etta James was something to watch and easy on the eyes for this writer, Craig even offered praise in the form of “those hip swings created a sonic boom”. The score awarded was : 22

Jake & Janette: Salsa to Mambo no. 5 by Lou Benga was a crowd and a judge pleaser. There were three fantastic lifts in this dance and it really did get everyone going. The judges were on their feet Bruno exclaimed “hips don’t lie” while Craig said “that hip action could crack coconuts”. The score awarded was: 35

Judy & Anton: Cha Cha to She’s a lady by Tom Jones and it was not the best Cha Cha we have seen sadly. Len said “there were a few foot faults”. The score awarded was: 17

Caroline & Pasha: Tango to Blame by Calvin Harris and John Newman and they had passion and aggression and everything you want to see in a tango. It was truly a great number and this writer feels it was a little under-marked. Still, the judges did like it and Bruno said that it was“full of gutsy physicality”. The score awarded was: 29

Tim & Natalie: Waltz to When you wish upon a star and Darcey said that it set “the right mood”. It was a nice floating dance not perfect, but certainly pretty to watch. The score awarded was: 23

Sunetra & Brendan: Cha Cha to Million dollar bill by Whitney Houston and it was a fun dance that everyone including Sunetra really enjoyed. The judges even commented on this with Bruno saying, “you really enjoyed the moment” and the score awarded was: 26

Mark & Karen: American Smooth to I’m yours by Jason Mraz Bruno said that it was “very uplifting” and it really was. A surprise to see such a nice American Smooth pulled off in week 2. The score awarded was : 27

Scott & Joanne: Tango to Stop by the Spice girls and Len thought it was “a little bit Radio Three” This writer thought that it needed some more punch and passion and the song choice was a little odd for a tango. The score awarded was: 20

Pixie & Trent: Waltz to Come away with me by Norah Jones and the judges and audience alike loved it. Comments such as Bruno saying it was “Strictly divine” while Darcey said, “stunning Rond de jambes” the score awarded was: 35

Steve & Ola: Cha Cha to Treasure by Bruno Mars, Darcey said that it was “cheeky and fun” which is what a Cha Cha should be. I didn’t remember it too well after it was over, but it wasn’t bad. The score awarded was: 21

Frankie & Kevin: Had a Charleston for Happy Day and it was a fun theme that was 50’s and it worked. Perhaps the most fun dance of the night for this writer and the judges enjoyed it too. The score awarded was: 30

With Saturdays night of dancing and enjoyment of it done now it becomes Sunday and everyone who watches Strictly knows what happens on Sunday, the dreaded dance off. While it is always fun to settle down and watch all of the celebrity couples all good things must come to an end and we know that someone has to go home tonight.

With the usual reading off of who is safe and who is not we find out that the first couple in the bottom two is Jennifer and Tristan. Craig tells her that if she an improve even just a little bit over Saturday night’s performance that it will be an improvement. Next in the bottom two is Aliona and Gregg, not a huge surprise given the Charleston from Saturday night.

Before the dance off happens, however we are treated to a beautiful show of what is coming forward next week with the professional dancers. Week 3 we are told is movie week and the professionals give us a beautiful dance to the big movie hit song of the year, Let it Go from Frozen. The strictly ballroom turned into a frozen wonderland of beauty and it was like watching Winter Prince’s dance with their ladies. The special effects have picked up a little we even get some fun play back in reverse. Overall, while I love to watch the celebrities go on a journey it is numbers like this that this writer lives for. The professionals really know how to show it being done the right way. There is also the musical act of the evening was Jamie Cullum and Gregory Porter with Iveta and Aljaz showing up a pretty saucy little bit of dance work to go along with it. Overall, it was a really lovely treat to be had, before the dance off.

Both couples danced their hearts out for a chance to stay, but in the end the judges all voted to save Jennifer and Tristan. I would have to agree for both on Saturday and then in the dance off itself Jennifer was above Gregg, not that he didn’t try though he certainly did.

All things go this way when it comes to Strictly. Overall, it was a fantastic weekend full of what we love to see when it comes to the dances. Next week should be interesting as we will get to see our first Rumba of the season and we have Movie theme to contend with!

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