Why I prefer ZEE Tamil over other Tamil channels?

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Remember the good old day when we spent most of our time watching the same things again and again. Well, come to think about it they were not as good as we proclaim them to be. But today we have the luxury to switch channels and find some good entertaining programs. With so many Tamil channels to watch, it is not easy for us to choose one. Also, some of us like watching it on TV and some of the like to watch live Tamil channels while commuting, no matter who you are ZEE Tamil is your safest bet. Though it is a personal preference at the end, here is why I prefer ZEE Tamil over the others and why you should too? Better shows: Well, you got to agree with me this one. But if you agree to disagree, then here’s why you are wrong. ZEE Tamil has some of the best shows that you can find today. For years we have been given the same old MamiyarMarumagal serials, but that’s not the case anymore, at least with ZEE Tamil. They offer a whole lot more.

From family drama to fiction, from dance shows to singing shows, they got it all covered. If you prefer watching something more intellectual, then ZEE Tamil got you covered with TamizhaTamizha which is one debate show you cannot miss out. In an era, where many actors have started hosting shows, I was delighted to see the renowned speaker KaruPazhaniappan host this modern day debate show, TamizhaTamizha.

Great Protagonists:

For a state that is always obsessed with great onscreen personalities, it no surprise that we long for some great ones in TV shows as well.  ZEE Tamil makes sure that the protagonists in their shows have some high aspirations and a positive approach toward life. This applies to both men and women. In fact, they have more strong female leads than men. This is very evident from some of their shows like Sembaruthi, Naga Rani and many more which gives a sense of relatability to all the women out there.

Diverse Genres:

Apart from offering family-friendly shows, you also offer some great reality shows, dance shows, to name a few. Let’s say you had a very stressful week and you are planning to watch something very light and breezy, in that case, you must check out Konjam Coffee Niraya Cinema, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Seniors, Sundays With Anil and Karky and many more. There is just much to choose from. Be it a weekday or weekend, ZEE Tamil would always keep you hooked with their diverse offerings.

Access to ZEE5:

We all know that TV channels are a thing of the past and most of us prefer watching these great shows on our smartphones which also makes our daily commute a whole lot easier. ZEE TV understands this better than anyone else, and therefore they have introduced ZEE5 which is an online streaming service where you can watch all their TV shows on the go. They have different packs ranging from Rs 49 to Rs 999 to cater to different types of audience. Apart from their TV shows, they also offer a never-ending collection of movies and web-series, giving us all the more reasons to subscribe to their plans.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should hop to ZEE Tamil Shows right away. In a time where all other channels are feeding us the same thing again and again, ZEE Tamil is actually trying to make a change by providing us with some good quality content. I definitely recommend you to check out their offerings.

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