Apple’s Is Preparing to Drop the Price of Beats Music Subs, Making It a Spotify-Killer

Apple could finally be ready to take on Spotify in the UK, and with some aggressive pricing that will benefit us, the tight-fisted music fans.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is reportedly looking to cut the subscription price of its Beats Music service that was snaffled up earlier in the year from its founder, rapper and producer Dr Dre.

Right now, a monthly subscription costs $10, but Apple needs permission from the record labels that license their wares to Beats Music before any price drop can be implemented.

The rumor mill has gone into overdrive following this, with speculation that Apple might be poised to absorb the under-performing Beats Music into iTunes and go head to head with the something similar to Spotify.

A UK roll out would almost certainly be part of that plan.

That’s not all – only last month, Bono told Irish radio station 2FM that he has been working with Apple on a new music format.

The U2 singer said: “With the team at Apple we’ve been doing it for years, and it’s not ready yet for Songs of Innocence, it will be ready for Songs of Experience.

“It’s a new format, and you can still get the MP3 format, and you can rob it or whatever you want but you won’t be getting the full experience.”

With all of that in mind, we’re confidently predicting that the next U2 album, Songs of Experience, will also be released as an iTunes freebie, but as part of the launch of a brand new music format and in conjunction with a completely new incarnation of Beats Music, incorporated into iTunes.

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