Grimm Recap: The “Highway of Tears”

It has been an interesting season of Grimm thus far what with our main Grimm out of action and having to be helped along by the second stringer.

Last week we ended with Juliette saying that Nick needed to be a Grimm again after a burning symbol was left on Monroe and Rosalee’s lawn. We pick up exactly there this week with Nick saying to Juliette, I am only going to ask you this once do you mean what you said about me being a Grimm again, Juliette asks if that is what he wants. When he says yes she does as well.

Meanwhile in the house Monroe is having a fit of rage. You can’t blame him for it this is a hate group that believes in blood purity between Wessen and they are angry because of the inter marriage.

Monroe snaps that it is not Nick’s problem anymore when he offers to help but Nick says that yes it will be. Everyone is surprised but touched at what Juliette is going to do so that Nick can have his powers back, she is going to take the potion that will make her look like Adalind .

Meanwhile out in the woods a couple is driving along when a guy keeps his high beams on them. Seems simple enough they let him pass and not to much longer down the road a tire blows. The blown tire sends them off road and into a tree that is when the big truck with the bright lights shows up again and two men come towards them. They are some freaking looking lizard Wessen who do something to the woman’s boyfriend and carry him off, while saying they will have to get another about the female because she is stuck.

While in Austria, Victor and his friends are chatting when Adalind comes in. There is a large spread of food which Adalind only digs into after Victor takes a bite. She has clearly been going on no food for sometime but in between bites she manages to tell Victor what went on and how she was rescued. The final clue given to Victor is what Kelly said to Adalind in the police station that sometimes we have to give up what we love most to protect it, he now thinks he knows who has the baby.

While back in Portland Sean’s Mom is at Nick and Juliette’s house brewing up the potion and when it is ready Juliette does her part of the job and inhales the potion. It works turning Juliette into Adalind and everyone high tales it out of the house as fast as possible to let the two get to the carnal part of the spell reversal.

Monroe and Rosalee seem to be having a little bit of trouble processing what is going on and they down some beer quickly. It takes a little bit of sweet talking but Nick and Juliette manage to do what needs to be done and seem to enjoy it pretty well.

The downside to things is that afterwards when Juliette goes to the bathroom she suddenly keels over in pain and curls up on the floor. By the time Nick gets to her she says she is alright but on the way to helping her into bed the pain comes back leaving her gasping, though she changes back into her normal self as it passes again.

Sean and his Mom are admiring the hat which was used. They think it might have been one of the original “hammer of the witches” which was during the brutal time for their people. Mom is leaving the hat with Sean so he can take good care of it because of the power and what it is worth. Mom says she is going to be leaving but she wants her Granddaughter.

Trubel heads on home and Monroe and Rosalee are with her though they were hiding around the porch corner, which is cute. Breakfast is being served but everyone wants to see if the reversal worked. Turns out that so far it has not, but there was warning that it would want to work in it’s own time. There is not time to dwell on it however because Hank gives Nick a call and they get called into the car accident where the woman has been pulled and is babbling away. Hank finds wood with nails sticking out of it which is what shredded the tire turns out that Nick had a similar case 5 years ago.

Back at the house Trubel notices the house is being watched and when the guy calls in saying she is on the move she knocks on the window. The guy denies watching her but she says he should call his boss Chavez and he can’t follow her, then she proceeds to slash his tires up.
While back at the station and working on the new case and the old case, Nick thinks he see’s a perp change but not the whole way so he can’t be sure. He brushes it off and doesn’t tell Hank much of anything but this bodes well for our Grimm!

The group is out digging in the dirt and finding toys when another uniform turns up and says there was another case even before the one that Nick had. She is about to give up digging on a spot when Nick thinks he hears something and suggests she keeps digging. She finds another toy when she keeps digging. This has Nick and Hank head back to the trailer where they dig into the stories and find out what kind of Wessen they are dealing with. When they head into the station they let Sean know and Wu comes back to tell them the paint on the toys they found is auto paint.

The female uniform heads out alone to a scrap yard and starts asking some questions about who is getting the scrap metal and what they are using it for. As soon as she gets off the phone with Nick the Wessen strike and choke her and prepare her for the ceremony and their offering.

The team arrives just as they drag the deputy to the hole as the ceremony is going on. They are coming up on them when Nick presses into a car as his head hurts, but he hears the sound of the deputy being pushed into the hole so the trio keep going as fast as they can.

When Nick’s head starts with the big pain again the three Wessen run off, Hank goes in alone while Monroe stays with Nick but Hank calls for Monroe’s help once he is in the hole with the deputy. When Monroe stops to ask if the guy in a separate hole is okay he gets pushed into the hole with him. Hank is told he has to be sacrificed as well and then they grab Nick too.

He looks really sick until he brings his head up finally to look and he sees the monster for what it is, with a smile he says, “Your done”. In short order he goes Grimm on all three of them and rescues his friends.

The Grimm is back and not a moment to soon! Because they head on back to the house where Josh is waiting as Trubel stashed him. Looking like another day in the park for Nick and next week we get a Grimm Christmas!

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