The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: ‘The Decembrist’

It is flashback time for Lizzie at the opening of The Blacklist this week. We flash back when Lizzie was supposed to kill Tom and we finally see what she did. She takes him off in a car and makes some calls, including a Doctor to help out. It was not a happy process, but he manages to pull through his wound and ends up on the boat as we know. It clearly took her a long time to get through and break him we see flashes of times and interviews. Tom eventually slowly breaks and Lizzie manages to keep her cool every time she interviews him. These flashes lead is right up to the end of last weeks when Tom wanted her to look him in the eyes when she killed him.

Red is still talking to Berlin and there his Daughter is. What a shock this must be to Berlin who has been convinced that Red killed her. Berlin starts telling the story about what he was told. Turns out a bomb went off and killed a great deal of men and that is how Red got his name attached. While he was spending time in the Russian jail system he got bones sent one by one. She went into hiding herself and got help. From there Red tells Berlin that he may call at some point and ask for his assistance.

Lizzie is on her ship having a bit of an argument with her baby sitter. Turns out she is not a murder and does not want to kill Tom. The guy she is with is also not a murderer. He says there are people for this kind of thing and another guy comes on the boat. After a tense stand off she ends up using her FBI contacts. When the guy leaves Dembe calls Lizzie and she heads off. When she finds out that he is working with Berlin she is mad and there is an amusing scene with an old guy with an o2 tank playing very loud metal to another guy and trying to get him to talk.

Lizzie of course brings the team in on what Red wants and away they go. The team gets a few leads they they start on. Bad news for Lizzie is the old man who she thought she put off goes back to the boat and when he does he finds Tom. Things are about to hit the fan.

The lady in charge is not happy about trying to go to Russia and will not give any go ahead for the task force. Cooper gives her the go ahead to give Red the name they found and she does, but not before she gets a call saying there is a situation on the boat. She of course rushes out while Red is getting ready for a trip to Russia. The babysitter it turns out found the old man and Tom and he is tied up. The old man is an informant and he says that it looks like official business to him. Lizzie refuses to kill the man, and while she is saying she can fix it Tom goes ahead and tries to kill the man himself. Lizzie is being held back by her baby sitter and he gets the job done. Yes the crap is really hitting the fan.

Red and Berlin mercilessly head into Russia and take out the name they were given. The guy is trying to play it onto Red while Berlin is working on him. Once the finally gives up the information he shoots the man anyways. Red and Berlin have a fight over who is going to be able to take out the guy whose name they were given with Berlin going and Red saying it is time to call the florist. In a big meeting in Washington a flower delivery shows up and Alan Fitch leaves the meeting to talk to Red. Alan is being very nasty and Red is warning him that Berlin is coming for him. Red gets reminded that apparently no one but Alan in his circle is his friend. We will find out how that goes right? Red is pretty good at this sort of thing.

It does not take long for Fitch to get himself kidnapped right under the nose of homeland security. While the team is working on it, Red comes in to speak with Lizzie and corners her about Tom not being dead. He is disappointed that she didn’t trust him enough to bring it to him. Red lets her see the truth that she still loves Tom even if she won’t admit it to herself. Red it turns out, has some use for Tom now he wants to find Berlin and Alan Fitch so Lizzie goes in and works on getting more information from him. Tom is trying to bargain to get released and says he can give her Berlin if she lets him go. In the end she lets him go and he makes a phone call. They keep tabs on him and she had to bring Ressler in. It does not take long for the phone call for Berlin to call Tom in. He is demanding he wants to be brought in and Berlin says he does not need him much, but in the end Tom has an address. Ressler does not want to follow Tom’s orders and they get into a pushing match but Lizzie takes the address. Cue the guns and when the team goes in they find Fitch with a bomb strapped around his neck. Well, go Berlin.

The team brings the bomb and Fitch to their HQ and puts him in the armored box that was used last season by Red to stay safe. Whoever made this bomb was smart and it is not something easy to take apart. Lizzie and Ressler have a moment and she assures him that she will tell Cooper herself. When the lady in charge demands a name Ressler sticks up for her and says its Red.

Red in the meantime goes back to Berlins Daughter who is of course not happy to see him. Everyone is trying to find Berlin. When they get into the bomb they find out there is a timer that was set off when the collar broke Radio contact and they do not know how long they have. While Berlin is having a meal with his clearly nervous Daughter. They have a touching moment before Red breaks in and Red hands over a new passport and tickets, a new life to the Daughter she leaves with Red holding a gun on dear old Dad. We have a stand off because Red needs to know how to stop the bomb while Berlin claims he does not know.

While Alan Fitch is still in the box the man who is trying to disarm the bomb is nervous but working on it. That is when Fitch says to go home, he has killed enough people in the line of service and he won’t do another. The man looks nervous, but he does it.. The power everywhere, but in the box goes out and Red comes in to talk to him as Fitch asked. The man knows his Death is coming and gives Red information on who might help him and Red says he did try to get it to stop. Fitch gives him information on a safe and the combo for it. You have to wonder what is in it. The information is almost all passed over when the bomb goes off and Red is looking at nothing but red goo on the box. Yuck bad day for Red.

Berlin is untied and given some Vodka, which he and Red share. They pretty much kill off the bottle and are both drunk or so it seems. You know Red it could just be Berlin that is drunk.

The drunk Russian is sharing stories about back in the day and how proud they were as a people and red gives him the last shot of the bottle then he kills Berlin dead. That was a long time in coming, but it is good to see that it was done. Lizzie goes back to the boat and Red is already waiting says that Mr. Caplan is taking care of the body. She confesses that she could not kill Tom.

Red is very understanding and says that love is being powerless that she had no control even when she thought she did and that there is nothing wrong with her. It is good to see that she always has Red in her corner. Tom is free and walking along the city until he enters a bar and there waiting for him is Red and Dembe. That is when Red gives him an envelope of money and warns Tom that he is never to see Lizzie again. The final parting blow Tom has for Red, is that he spent 4 months chained up on that ship and he never told her about them. Not one word. Well, doesn’t that just thicken up the plot!

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