Best Recap of Doctor Who, Season 8, Episode 6 – “The Caretaker”

Time for some good TV on a Saturday evening yes, my friends, it is time for our favorite Time Lord Doctor Who and to see what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is getting up to. He may be a somewhat grumpy fellow, but he is the Doctor and thus enjoyable. As the show opens up the Doctor and Clara are chained to some pillars on a hot planet and complaining about the cutters being somewhere. Then we see a fun montage of her trying to keep things with the Doctor and her dating life separate but they keep intersecting, one might think that the Doctor is doing it on purpose. While Clara says she can’t keep doing it, but of course she can and that she has it all under control.

The Doctor then says there will be no trip today and that he is going under deep cover and that he will see her when he sees her. He is trying to remain in his somewhat grumpy self way, but it seems to flounder a little or Clara just does not care. Deep cover, then appears to be in East London. While Clara tells Mr. Pink that the next few days are all about him, she promises. That is when the new caretaker John Smith shows up at the school. Clara looks like she swallowed something sour, especially when the Mr. Deep cover says “the name is John Smith Ah yes, very deep cover indeed Doctor!


Boring human being like you seems to be his little thing and of course Mr. Pink then comments on the eyebrows. Hey buddy most of us Whovians love the eyebrows! Clara tries to get the Doctor to say why he is in the school and is freaking out about is there an Alien in this school and he says yes him. Then she continues to say that he can’t pass himself off as a human in a school full of human beings. Hey Clara he may be a little strange but he is the Doctor and he has done this before. This writer is getting a little annoyed with Clara. She then whispers shouts I hate you to the Doctor and he says that’s fine it’s a perfectly normal reaction. I like this less user friendly Doctor!

When some kids are trying to break into an area a cop goes in to investigate and tells who he thinks is hiding there is no point in it. We then hear a very cyber like voice, and it destroys the cop. Oh dear. When Clara is trying to teach her class Mr. Smith comes up and into the window and starts arguing with her about the date that Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice and about how she was too busy to have written it in the year Clara says. Clara has a mini melt at him because he must have been there, he says no its because he read the book there is a Bio on the back.


Clara then is trying to keep track of the Doctor while moving through the school and everyone else keeps trying to talk to her, ending in a bit of a mess of conversations. Mr. Pink is of course talking to the Doctor which seems to have gotten Clara’s attention. The Doctor keeps thinking Mr. Pink is a PE teacher and not a math teacher, its kind of funny. There is a teacher that has a bit of a resemblance to the 11th Doctor right down to the bow tie and the Doctor makes a wrong assumption that this is the man Clara has been dating and then “he sees” and seems quite a bit happier.

While going about and cleaning up after the kids and muttering about them the Doctor is placing some electronic devices around the school. We do not know what they are yet, but he then goes into the Tardis to see what’s going on. A kid comes into the closet and sees the Tardis and starts asking about it being curious like kids do. He says can’t you read the sign says Keep out, she tells him it says Go away Humans, and it does. Some more fun he is weird and he says yes I am.


When Clara visit there is some conversation about how he is endangering the school and not telling her about it. The Doctor eventually shows her that he is scanning and tells her what he is looking for a very dangerous alien, that eventually some kind of solider or “PE teacher” will try to attack it. The Doctor turns out to have a watch that makes him invisible, which is neat and the Doctor goes into his big plan. Then from there he says they will go and do something fun tomorrow, maybe Ancient Egypt, then sends her off to candle with her boyfriend. He says he approves and that he reminds him of a certain dashing time traveler, of course he still thinks it’s the bow tie fellow.

After the school closes for the day the Doctor is off with his sonic and he finds the same area that the policeman went into earlier. While the Doctor is getting closer to his quarry, Clara is looking for him and Mr. Pink is looking for Clara. Our scary alien then gets himself into the school and corners the Doctor and says he is unarmed when Mr Pink comes in with one of the Doctors devices the thing shoots at him and it all goes down hill from there.

The Doctor’s time trap goes off and almost everyone else gets sucked in as well. Luckily only the bad guy does and then the Doctor goes off about how he ruined things, and well Mr. Pink is having processing issues. Now the Doctor has three days to save the school and everyone else while Mr. Pink tries to put things together with Clara, gets rather shocked and starts backing away while she tries to pass it off as a play. He asks, how Stupid do you think I am?
Yeah, that was a very weak one Clara.

The Doctor is about to hypnotize him and that is when Clara says he is my boyfriend and even then blurts out that I love him. This puts the Doctor in a bit of shock and now both Mr. Pink and The Doctor look to Clara to make an explanation. Clara says the Doctor is an alien, and we enter into the explanation of the Tardis and what it does. After some explanation and both men being clearly put off, especially the Doctor and Clara leads Mr. Pink off, with some parting words from the Doctor that she has explained me to him but you haven’t explained him to me. He looks rather foreboding while saying it too.

Mr. Pink or Danny and Clara have some more conversation and he wants the truth as to why she flies off in the box with him. She says because it is amazing and she sees wonders. He accepts, but then says that you only know what someone thinks if you when you know the lies they have told you. That she has lied to him, and so what does he think of him?

The Doctor is clearly angry with Clara when they go back to talking. They are having a nice conversation, but Danny is on the Tardis invisible and that is when he starts talking about running away and then coming back. She says no. Once Danny uncloaks him and the Doctor have a row about Sir and no Sir and all of the rest, which ends with Clara looking upset and everyone getting off the Tardis.

While the Doctor says humans, I never learn and the school girl from earlier pops up again and asks what’s really in the box. He tells her what it is and does, and she thinks it’s very cool. The student, Courtney would like to go into space, he says maybe later.

Parents’ night is in full swing when one of the Doctors alarms starts going off and he shows up outside the gym with a pack on his back. Danny and Clara both run to help him. Clara, then runs around pulsing the Sonic to distract the bad guy while Danny then follows her. The Doctors pack make it comes off as if he is, the things superior, but the last code doesn’t work. Danny seems to same the day as he does a very nice move distracting the thing, and the Doctor is able to shut the bad guy down.

Danny then points out that the Doctor is angry because he might not be good enough for Clara and we can see that he hit the nail on the head. The Doctor admits it’s a good start that Danny helped save the world. We then see that The Doctor did keep his promise to Courtney and took her on the Tardis.

While Danny has Clara promise him that if the Doctor ever pushes her to far, she needs to let him know. The policeman seems to have arrived in this land of…we have no idea what that people have been doing to all season.

We may find out more..eventually.

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