20th Anniversary of Friends – Celebrating a Show That Brought a Great Deal of Laughter into Our Lives

Earlier this week Friends celebrated its 20th Anniversary and aside from making some of us feel old it really is a fun time to sit back and celebrate a show that brought a great deal of laughter into our lives as well as starting some pop icon classics. Come on what girl hasn’t had the Rachel hair? So what other fun things can we take away from Friends as we sit back and remember the 6 fantastic people who hooked up, broke up, got in trouble and had babies? What about a look at the humorous life lessons and dating tips that we learned from the group?

If you want to scare off a potential partner ask them to marry you have 4 dates: In the episode “ The one with All the Wedding Dresses” Rachel is left feeling depressed when Ross gets engaged to someone else. This was not our first clue that Rachel still had feelings for Ross but it was a big one at the time, even though she was just starting to see a new man of her own Joshua and she ends up blurting out, “What if we got married?”..of course that ended about how you would think that it would.

Favorite quote from the episode:
Chandler: Oh, she’s got you running errands, you know, picking up wedding dresses… Wah-pah!
Ross: What’s wah-pah?
Chandler: You know, whipped. Wah-pah!
Joey: That’s not whipped. Whipped is wh-tcssh!
Chandler: That’s what I did. Wah-pah!
Joey: You can’t do anything!

When you give your boyfriend or girlfriend the key to your apartment, do not go out right away and change the locks: In the episode “ The One with Ross’s Step Forward” Ross is trying to avoid talking about his relationship with Mona so instead of talking about the relationship he breaks out and gives her a key to his place. That is one way to handle it but of course then he changes the locks right away, oh Ross we love you but such a clown sometimes.

Favorite quote from the episode:
Ross: What do you think, Rach?
Rachel: I think… if it was a little colder in here I could see your nipples through that sweater.

Do not date your stalker: In the episode “ The one After the Superbowl” Joey decides to start a romantic relationship with his super fan Erica Ford, after she finds his apartment so she can meet him. Not one of his brighter ideas and you can of course imagine what happens when a super fan-girl gets the romance, but it isn’t serious.

Favorite quote of the episode:
Joey: (Excited) Oh, my God. I got my very own stalker.
Chandler: You are so lucky. I have to share mine with a bunch of guys down at work.
Rachel: Joey remember when we talked about good thing/bad thing? This is a bad thing.

Want to get to escape a relationship? Lie about moving to a foreign country: In episode, “The one with All the Rugby”, Chandler has had enough of his on again and off again relationship with Janice is getting under his skin. Rather then just break up and tell her to go away for good Chandler says he is moving to Yemen.

Favorite quote from the episode:
Chandler: Y’know uh, you didn’t really have to help me pack.
Janice: Ohh, well when you said all you were going to be doing between now and the time you leave is packing,
you didn’t really leave me much choice. Did you?
Chandler: Well, I-I thought I did but, I-I guess I did not!
Joey: Hey-hey, what’s going on?
Chandler: Oh, I’m packing. Y’know I’m-I’m packing ’cause I’m moving to Yemen tomorrow.
Joey: Thanks for telling me!

Leather pants on a first date are a bad idea: In the episode “The One with All the Resolutions” Ross made a great resolution sadly for him it all goes south when he decides to be daring and wear his first pair of leather pants on a date which happens to be a first date. Everything of course goes totally wrong especially when he goes to the bathroom to take the pants off to get some air. It is Ross so of course it just went totally wrong.

Favorite quote from the episode:
Ross: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, “No divorces in ’99. Whoo.”
Rachel: But your divorce isn’t even final yet.
Ross: Just the one divorce in ’99. WHOO. This year I’m going to be happy, I’m gonna make myself happy.
Chandler: So, do you want us to leave the room?

Do not scoff at blind dates you might meet the love of your life: In the episode “The One with the Pediatrician”, Phoebe and Joey have a pact that they will set one another up on blind dates. Joey completely forgot about the pact (no one is surprised here) so he finds a random stranger at Central Perk named Mike Hannigan. In the end Phoebe and Mike end up getting married, so turns out Joey didn’t do so bad.

Favorite quote from the episode:
Rachel Green: I wonder why Ross said that he died?
Monica Geller-Bing: Oh, maybe he was getting him confused with his childhood therapist.
Chandler Bing: He saw a therapist?
Monica Geller-Bing: Hmmm-mm. Yeah, he used to have this recurring nightmare. Just really freaked him out.
Rachel Green: Why? What was it?
Monica Geller-Bing: That I was going to eat him.

Do not call an ex’s voice mail only bad things can happen: In the Episode “The One Where No One’s Ready” Monica is having some issues dealing with the process of her breakup with Richard. She finds a message from him after their split but she was not sure if it was old new or new new so she calls and leaves a breezy message for him, which is not so breezy. Before she decides though she calls in and lets her friends hear the message and from there the hilarity ensued.

Favorite quote from the episode:
Joey: Here it is, buddy boy. You hide my clothes, I’m wearing everything you own.
Chandler: Oh, my God, that is so not the opposite of taking someone’s underwear.
Joey: Look at me, I’m Chandler, could I *be* wearing any more clothes?

Sometimes hooking up with a friend works out: In the episode “The One with Ross’s Wedding: Part Two” the hook up that shocked all of the fans was when Monica and Chandler got together. The best part of the hook up of course the fact that in the end it became one of the best and loving relationships on the show. We never saw it coming but once it was there we all loved it.

Favorite quote from the episode:
[Rachel is on a plane to London, next to an English gentleman. She is drumming very annoyingly on a magazine in her lap] The Gentleman on the Plane: Uh… uh… excuse me?
Rachel: Yeah?
The Gentleman on the Plane: If you’re planning on doing that throughout the entire flight, please tell me now, so that I can take a sedative. Or perhaps slip you one.

Never wait to long to tell someone you have feelings for them: In the episode “The One where Ross Finds Out” is the episode where the Ross and Rachel thing really hits the ground running. Rachel leaves Ross a detailed message after she has had to much wine that she was over him, when all along he did not know she had feelings for him he as also dating someone else at the time.

Favorite quote of the episode:
Ross: So, do you have any cats that are really old or incredibly sick?
Julie: Ross, I don’t want one that’s about to die…
Ross: Oh well, see, we should’ve worked that out before we came down here!
Julie: OK sweetie, I’m gonna narrow it down to this one over here… and this one with the stripes. Okay? You pick.
Ross: Whoa, hey… I… I have to pick?
Julie: Yeah, whichever one you want.
Ross: [Looks back and forth between the cats and scratches his head] Well, I don’t know. I mean, it’s not that easy to choose, you know… both cats are-are-are beautiful and um… funny. I’m sure I’d be happy with either cat.

Julie: Well do you wanna take both?
Ross: Both? Both! I can’t have TWO cats! Joey’s the kind of guy who could have two cats…

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