Recap of ‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 1: Goodbye And Hello! – Things Are Starting To Get Crazy Already!

The Season premiere of the hottest scandalous show on television is upon us today. That is right, Olivia Pope and company are back with Scandal and we open up on a sunny sandy beach and a very happy looking Olivia.

Her handsome scruffy fellow is with her and they have a bit of fun before some supplies on a boat arrive.

They are certainly not living rough having 5 bottles of wine that only have 100 bottles ever made. Then Olivia Pope is also known as Julia Baker now, gets mail and she agonizes over it before opening the letter inside is a newspaper clipping about Harrison being found dead. This of course sends her running back to D.C and her people. On what is supposed to be an in and out job, but we know that won’t be the case this is Olivia Pope after all.

When Olivia arrives in the office, it is empty until Quinn comes in and tells Olivia just how she found her. She does at least compliment her in that Olivia is a hard woman to find. The question then becomes what happened to the people and company. Everyone has different jobs, Huck is basically a geek squad guy and he ejects Olivia from his line when she says she is back just for now. While Abby now works for Fitz and she seems to be doing a fantastic job with it. While Melly, while she does not work for Olivia, she is a big part of well she has lost the plot, walks around eating cereal from a box in her PJ’s and of course drinking.

When Abby shows up to meet with Quinn, she calls her super freak, but then she sees Olivia is there. There is another big mad flip out and Abby has a right to be angry since Olivia just left. Olivia is blamed by Abby for Harrison’s death which causes Liv to fight back and tell her that one is unforgivable then inform Abby, she will have a date and a time for the funeral come or don’t come. Ouch, but we knew things would be tense when Olivia came back and Quinn ends up chasing after her after the fight.

Jake shows up in at the ADA office and is confronting David for not pulling the trigger on all the files that he was given. David is balking because they are all scary, so Jake tells him to pull the trigger or give them back.

Meanwhile, Olivia goes to meet with her Father, he knew she was coming and has the wine glass ready, then he says she can ask him. So she asks him if he had Harrison killed, he says that he had nothing to do with Harrison’s murder, oh but he did take care of her Mother by the President’s order. Olivia seems to shut down after that and says you lose people whatever.

Cyrus finds out that Olivia is back in town and he confronts Abby about knowing and why didn’t she tell him. Abby does not appreciate being spied on, not one little bit. However, Cyrus goes to talk to him and when Fitz goes on about Melly Cyrus tells him that Olivia is back in town because Harrison died. Fitz goes fairly silent but he asks Cyrus to find out how long she is going to be in town for.

Olivia is trying to plan the funeral and having trouble picking out the casket when Jake comes home and tells her there is no wrong choice for her to make. That is when her home phone starts ringing and a scared looking assistant is at the door, she first tries to deny being Olivia but then she takes the phone only to be told that a woman thinks she just killed someone, an important woman a Senator.

When back from the commercial David is checking out the files and about to do something with them when he gets a call from the White House and asked to be the Attorney General. When Olivia arrives on the scene with a Senator who might be dead, another Senator having pushed him. She claims it was an accident, the man is alive Olivia calls an ambulance and makes sure everyone gets out of there.

Olivia goes back to the Smart counter to see Huck and he just keeps using the script. She manages to have a plan for that with a new cell phone that she proceeds to break. He says he is not Huck anymore that he is Randy the smart guy and that is all he is and all he does. He says hoping is bad for Randy that she should not come back to the smart counter unless she is back for good. Huck died when she left. It seems to break her heart, as it would anyone who cares about someone but he left. Fitz takes Melly to the cemetery to their son’s grave and she lays down on-top of it touching the stone and seems to be at some peace with having done that.

Jake and Olivia back in bed while he is trying to “take his turn” and not do any more talking, but Olivia needs her turn. She spends her turn going on that the Man who is a Senator and a sexual predator is being canonized while the victim can’t come forward. Her speech is right and it only takes another moment for her to take the case and her and Jake to have an argument. We then see Quinn and Olivia back in the office.

Fitz and Cyrus have a moment about Olivia that could be a bit of an argument as well. Then female Senator is giving her statement, but clearly lying and Olivia calls her on it. That is when an epiphany happens with Olivia and Quinn, that the assistant was the one who was actually attacked and the Senator is covering for her.

David and Abby are having a conversation and Abby tells David that when the President asks you to serve you serve. Clearly they didn’t work out and it is the fault of those files. She tells him to come work and take the power and use it. While on the inside Olivia and the Senator are talking about why she is going to cover for her, as it turns out the Senator knew that the other one had a type and used her assistant as a bribe essentially. The fight that starts from there sends Olivia out of the place and saying she is going to a Funeral and then she is getting out of the town.

At the funeral it is just Olivia and Quinn and they talk about how Harrison had no people. That he only had the associates and that is when Abby arrives. Not long after Abby arrives Huck also arrives. When Harrison is lowered Huck asks if they say goodbye now, Olivia manages to say that yes, they do, while everyone drops the roses into the grave and they say goodbye and I love you. Olivia is the last one standing at the grave side and turns into Jake, who while holding her sees over her shoulder that her Father is there and watching. He looks panicked.

Melly is out on the balcony and Fitz is trying to get her to come back in saying that is cold. Prompting a conversation about trying to then not trying to kill themselves. Prompting a comment from her that says, I’m not you. Fitz says he had a bad night, one bad night and she should never bring it up again. This is of course also when Fitz tells Melly that Olivia is back, but that he has not seen her. After a great long conversation about it the end result is, when you see her you will tell me from Melly.

Olivia and Jake are getting ready to leave when she turns to Jake and says she keeps thinking about what Harrison would say, are we gladiators or are we bitches? We then see the announcement of David taking the position and Olivia on the TV standing up for the assistant Kate, she is back as a strong and mighty Gladiator.

When she sees Fitz, she walks by him, they almost touch but they don’t. The show ends on a brief smile from Olivia.

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