Blacklist Season 2 Premiere Recap: “Lord Baltimore” – Welcome back, Red!

Time to get back into business with our favorite criminal, Raymond Reddington is back on the Blacklist and when we first find him this week he is bloodied and in the back of a truck in Cameroon. The man he is brought to says he would kill him if he ever saw him in his territory again, but Red has a business proposition and the mans men are trying to get into his box. Red is also concerned about a boy solider tugging on his hat.

Red reminds this man that he did not find him, but that Red found the man he wants to do business with, he opens his box and drops a lot of money 3 million in cash. He wants the names of the bounty hunters that Berlin hired, besides for him. He also tells the man to act fast or he will be giving him the names for free. When the man just laughs and talks about killing Red, a hellfire missal is fired. Red puts booze on the money and Red says he can call off the other two, when the man doesn’t fess another hits even closer. The man barely confesses, Red sets the money on fire and takes his hat back. Welcome back, Red!

While back in Washington there are some political pissing matches going on. With a new Lady director demanding to speak with Red herself, and being told as usual that Red only speaks with Elizabeth Keen. While we then pan to our leading Lady who is in a hotel room with a bunch of papers and magazines taped to the wall. She does meet up with Red and has a few things to say about the hell fire missals. While Red goes on about how people are so scared of big brother and yet they go online and willingly hand over their information and details of their life to big data. That is right folks remember Google and all it’s buddies tracks information.

Red does get to his lead, however, Lord Baltimore who may lead them to Berlin. We do see one thing, however someone is watching Elizabeth speak to Red even though she looks a bit like a hood rat.

Keen takes the information back to the task force and they start tracking it down. Lord Baltimore is basically a bounty hunting hacker, but someone who is more than that and misses little. When we see a man approach another who is in an ice bath, odd place to be but hey everyone has their things and the bad guys are no different. The man delivers a message about the feds being involved and there will be more expenses, only to get his head bashed and brought somewhat into the cold bath. A stern, no more expenses or we take another bath is given.

Meanwhile a suspect that the FBI talked to about a deposit into her IRA account gets a call being told they know she talked to the FBI and will not talk to them again. Of course, like most normal people Ms. Mills goes right to the FBI and they trace the call that was made right away. When they arrive at the location no one is there. They bring Ms. Mills to where they are and keep hammering on her that she might be in on it as well.

Meanwhile, Red visits Harold Cooper, who is still recovering. He says to make sure to apologize to Charlain that the side gate might need a new lock. Red is trying to get Harold to come back to work and Harold does not want to. They leave at rather an impasse, but we can only hope that Harold comes back and Red does tend to get what he wants.

Then we have a high power attack on the FBI HQ (appears to be anyways) and Red gets taken. He is still being Red and says that Lord Baltimore is a saucy minx and he also says she is mossad. He goes on to say that he is sure that he will be released in the hour. Meanwhile the FBI team is going back and forth and gathering information doing what they do best and slowly putting the pieces together. Sure enough, when the people come to take Red he is released and they are giving her no information at all about the task force. Once released Red gives the mossad agent some information and leaves.

We then find out who Naomi Highland is and why Berlin is coming for her, she was Red’s Wife. Well, now that is something we did not see coming! Ms. Highland is having a nice house party at someones home when the US Marshall’s show up and take her, scaring the heck out of her. While the runner boy we saw get the tub smash earlier who’s name is Marcus shows up and plays a record for Rowan. She starts having a fit, shaking her head and he talks softly to her, clearly the music is a trigger because after our FBI guy finds a body in a refrigerator and our Rowan girl is moving with the bad guys perfectly on track.

While the FBI is talking to Naomi the now awake sleeper agents starts killing all the agents and the rest of the bad guys move in with tazers, one is about to put a bullet in Keen after taking Naomi but she manages to kill him first. The good news is that she manages to nab Rowan on the way, but Naomi has been taken and hooded. The outlook does not look any better for her when she has been taken to the man with the hook.

That is when the FBI starts to grill Rowan because they know that is also Nora but they have no idea how to separate the two because Rowan has no idea what Nora did and knows. They find out Marcus is the man with the trigger and they finally get him to talk. So Keen goes and confronts Nora and says she is the one who killed Rowan so that she could take over her life. They get the information out of her, but it is too late when they arrive Lord Baltimore men are all dead save for one, who has a message for Red. Red takes the message.

Naomi has been moved by the one hand man who we think is Lord Baltimore and she thinks she is going to be raped, when he takes a Polaroid picture. Red arrives at the location he was given and his bodyguard says that he should go in first, Red just gives him some classic stink eye and keeps on moving. Upon arriving in the room, he finds the Polaroid has been placed in a locket for him but they are gone.

Agent Ressler has a bit of a showdown with the therapist who says she will suspend him if he doesn’t make his appointments. While Elizabeth gets her approval for an annulment, but she is keeping the name Keen she is also still being watched by someone and we are not yet shown who. Harold comes back to work just like Red thought he would and Keen with a new haircut is happy about it along with the rest of the team. Red is then sent a package that was left at the front desk for him, it turns out to be a cell phone which connects to our one handed man. Also inside the package is one of his Wife’s fingers and the man says that he will be returning her like his Daughter was returned to him, piece by piece.

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