‘Gotham’ Episode Recap: The Letter ‘Z’

Another Monday means another dive into the depths of the city of Gotham and it is time to see what the fall out is from Oswald showing up is. We open with our friend walking down the street with his signature umbrella and then Fish is having a tantrum in her club. Fish also demands one of her men to get Gordon and bring him to her still breathing.

Meanwhile, Gordon tells Barbra to get out of town and Harvey decks him, then is going to kill him. Well, things have certainly hit the fan to be sure. Sadly for Barbra Fish’s man is there with another and a gun, waiting for Gordon. When the guy is having fun scaring and making hits on Barbra Gordon comes in and has his gun trained on the guy.

There are rules apparently in place, but Gordon does not want to play along, he is going to call the shots. He takes out both men for the insult, then says it is time to go Barbra and they go swiftly. Have to say Gordon is being a bit of a bad ass so far this episode. He says he will catch up to her in a couple of days as he sends Barbra on her way. It is a touching scene, but you feel for her, she loves the guy and knows what could happen to him she does however do as he asked and leaves.

Gordon marches on down to the PD and everyone seems to think he is insane and it gets quiet. He is up to something loudly asking for some warrants that were blank and signed, the guy gives them to him, but no one seems to want to make eye contact with him. Fish, meanwhile is having a meeting with the big guy saying that Gordon must die, Harvey must die and Oswald must die among with other people. Falcon says that they are acting a bit too heavy and hot on it. Falcon insists on sending his own man and goes back to looking over his chickens.

Gordon’s boss tries to see why he is there and thinks he should be in Alaska and calls him insane. The warrants he is filling out are for the Mayor and other big men. Gordon thinks others will help him if they see it is possible to fight back, even his boss won’t help him however and he refuses to leave because it is his home. This is the Gordon we know and love people, the white hat the man who even in the trenches stands by his principals.

A scary looking fellow and his back up girls in leather arrive at the PD and announces himself as Victor and he’s of course looking for Gordon. Gordon gets ratted out faster than you can say HEY JIM. Gordon tries to stand up to Victor saying there’s cops there, but Victor gets them all to leave. All this writer has to think is watch all the cockroaches go. His Boss stood by him until Gordon insist she go so maybe there was one willing to do a little bit.

There is some old west fast draw action and Jim almost gets Victor. In the end however, he gets hit by one of Victor’s helpers right in the gut though he flees down the stairs. After some cat and mouse in the parking garage another cop gets knee cap shot and Gordon gets shot a second time before the duo from homicide sweep in and get Gordon into a getaway car! There are some good ones!

Gordon wakes up in some kind of facility with rats around him. Turns out he is in a lab at the University. Gordon is having a panic attack about needing to leave and the cop friend says sure, but you should have some clothes, hey I kind of liked him in the boxers!

Meanwhile, Fish is nicely trying to get Oswald back and says a war will get started if the little man doesn’t get handed over. The Don is not inclined to hand over Oswald and the Don has him give a sincere apology to keep from any lack of respect. Fish is not amused and says Bloodshed then, well he did say sorry. To his credit, does not back down when Fish has a fit in his face and says I am sorry you feel that way Fish before she slaps him. Maybe it is just this writer, but there seems to be a bigger plan to be had by the Don.

The collecting bad guy uses a bunch of Nuns to block the roadway with a truck from the Don. He politely asks the guys if they want a beating or a bullet they end up giving a bullet because the fellows argue about it. Well, it looks like war has started. Meanwhile Oswald pushes the Don’s buttons about not paying off Falcon and gives him some ideas on where to hit the other team hard. Oswald is a vicious little snipe to me sure.

Gordon gets an apology from Barbra’s old girlfriend and he is grudging about it but accepts it. Alfred comes out and shows what a bad ass he can be but lets the other cop friend go, well done. Bruce gets to meet everyone an Gordon is giving an honest reason as to why he will be breaking his promise. He is not leaving Bruce in the dark, however as he is assigning the duo to his parents’ case should he die. Pretty big of Gordon to think of Bruce even while fighting for his own life.

Oswald meanwhile, leads a group of the Don’s to the hangout where Falcon’s people tend to be and it is a bloodbath including the Russian. When Frankie threatens to kill Oswald, he turns around and points out that Frankie is a skinflint and does not pay his people enough, with that his men grab him and hold him for Oswald. So Oswald kills him while having a fit at him. Our little psycho is climbing the ranks.

The Don and Falcon have a meeting and Falcon says that he wants the bloodshed to stop. That they should not go to war over trifles. Falcon then says that they can have Oswald free and clear with no harm to him. Falcon wants something return and he gets Indian hill a toxic waste dump, all in a token of mutual respect. The Don also gives Falcon a rib about Gordon still being on the run.

Harvey comes looking for Gordon while he is arming up. He says he won’t be killing Gordon even if he should and in the end he says he is going to back the play. Interesting turn of events. Harvey thinks the idea of arresting the Mayor and Falcon is dumb but he agrees to do it in the end because he is doomed anyway. Come morning the two head off with their big guns to heroic music and everything and first they get the Mayor.

They use the Mayor to get to Falcon and Bob’s your uncle another arrest. Sadly, it turns out Victor has Barbra because she came to the Falcon to plead for Gordon’s life. Gordon wants proof, of course, but Falcon won’t give it to him. Gordon puts his gun down and it turns out that it was not a bluff. In a big twist the fact that Gordon trusted Falcon’s word about Barbra gives him something to go on and so he says they can go.

To wrap things up nicely while Falcon goes out to see his chickens Oswald comes up the hill in the rain with his umbrella. They embrace and we get a flashback and it turns out that the entire plan was Oswald’s that if he makes it through if Gordon does not kill him he will be Falcon’s snitch for life. The secret he gave up was about Fish and the Russian and the plan for Fish to take over. Oswald is also the one who asked for Gordon to be spared. Well, that is an interesting note to end the episode on. The plot keeps getting thicker in the land of Gotham.

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